1. The Phoney-Liberal bunch that governs the country of India, is deeply committed to the concept of composite culture, but is concealing a dark & chilling secret. It is trying to glorify the dishonorable record of Islamic history, in order to solve the problem of communal strife in India. To do that, it is giving a liberal coat of white-wash to, the record of Islamic imperialism, and its cruelty over the Hindus, for centuries.

2. This perverse & pig-headed approach of suppressing, the terribly-hideous record of beastly-barbaric cruelty of the Moslems on the Hindus, for over a thousand years in India, is justified on the grounds of trying to achieve national integration.
What this bunch fails to realize is that, in their plank of national integration, they are visiting a terrible injustice on the Hindus. They are also destroying any pride, that the Hindus might have in their own Pre-Islamic past. But to this phoney-liberal bunch, tailoring to the needs of the Moslems, is much more important than either the justice to the Hindu, or accepting the pride of the Hindu, in his ancient past.

3. But truth cannot be suppressed, no matter how cleverly it is disguised or covered up. The gory details of un-paralleled terror & brutality, and the wild ferocity of Islam, against the Kafir-Hindu, cannot be wished away nor masked.

Nearly all the commanders & kings of Islam, were monsters, the magnitude of their crime, is beyond measure.

4. Moslems have been taught, that it is their duty to kill Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), and that all Hindu women belong to them, and that all Hindu money & property is theirs to take.
Moslems stopped at no crime, when it came to the treatment of their Kafir-Hindu subjects.

The Jehadis of Islam invaded Hindu lands, again & again, they murdered as many Hindus as they liked, captured the survivors to be sold as slaves, plundered Hindu possessions & property, destroyed Hindu places of worship, built mosques on top of them, smashed & flung Hindu idols into public squares.

5. The thing that is important to remember is, that this is exactly the pattern of behavior, that is revealed by Allah in Quran, that is prescribed & practiced by Hazrat Mohammad, during this life-time, and elaborated repeatedly in the Hadis, and certified by Islamic clergy.

For all these cruelties committed by Moslems, each Moslem is rewarded with 72 Houris ( Big-Bosomed & Doe-Eyed Fairies ) & 28 beardless boys, in the Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ).
Islam is not what it it made out to be, it is much more depraved than that. Islam is the most toxic poison, that has ever been invented.

Surinder Paul Attri

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