A blood soaked crescent

Pakistani TerroristKill the hostages” the order went. “Except the two muslims. Keep your phones switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.” said a handler called Kafa to the murderous swine that conducted the massacre at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai.  “Inflict maximum damage. Keep fighting. Don’t be taken alive” are further instructions from Kafa. 33 People were killed at Oberoi Hotel during the operation of Nov 26th that ultimately claimed 170 lives.

Over at the Jewish complex, another recording shows another handler called Wassi exhorting the terrorists : “This is a matter of the prestige of Islam. Fight so that your fight becomes a shining example. Be strong in the name of Allah.” Six Jewish people, including a rabbi and his wife, were killed at the Jewish center.

The above are excerpts from a dossier released on Jan 8th 2009 by Indian officials containing proof that the brazen attack was masterminded, and directed from Pakistan [see details].  It is Jan 14th today and the Pakistani PM Mr. Gilani feels that although there is ‘information’, there is no “proof”. In other words, he will not take any action against LeT or JeM.

This is the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which expects the world to trust it with bringing terrorist to justice when it cannot even accept the Pakistani nationality of the perpetrators even AFTER Pakistani news organizations have managed to track the terrorists’ families down. This proves not just criminal indifference but willful abdication of responsibility on the part of the Pakistani establishment.  Can these people be expected to bring anyone to Justice?

These people (Pakistani political and military establishment) need to be scorned, ridiculed and derided every time they open their mouths and give us this sanctimonious bull-shit. Instead we dignify their pretense at being “partners” in the war against terror.

Of course, the other contributor culprit in the Mumbai massacre is, ISLAM itself.  The religion-of-peace is the driving motivator for causes conflicts from Pakistan to Palestine. See this video which glorifies bombs over children.


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