Every pseudo secular is visiting the mausoleum of Jinnah in Pakistan and trying to prove that he is a bigger secularist than even Jinnah himself who was in fact a communal character. He demanded Pakistan at the point of a gun and tore India to pieces only to shine in Muslim world as a creator of a Muslim country. His role during the freedom struggle is out and out a communal role. This is what `The Role of Muslim League in National Politics’ by Deepak Pandey has to say: `The main objections on the part of the Congress to recognise the Muslim League as the sole representative organisation of the Muslims can be summed as follows:

1. That since the Congress was the greatest political organisation in India with no religious or communal label attached to it, and since thousands of Muslims were on its membership list, the Congress would have been compelled to commit political murder of all its Muslim members, if it agreed to the demand of the Muslim League;

2 there were other organisations, like the Jamait-ul-Ulema, the all-India Muslim Conference, and others representing large number of Muslims; and

3, that the recognition of the League as the sole representative organisation of the Muslims would have meant that the Congress was essentially a Hindu organisation, a position that the Congress could have never accepted. The Congress could not accept the communal outlook of Muslim League. It was believed that Jinnah was trying to raise, “communalism to…the power”, and that, ‘he wanted the Muslims to function separately as a group and deal with other groups as one nation deals with others.” Only those, it was pointed out, were Muslims according to Jinnah who followed him and that he did not consider Congress Muslims as Muslims. It was practically impossible for the Congress to ask thousands of its Muslim members to resign from the party. At the Lucknow Session of the Congress a resolution was adopted that expressed the belief that the Congress was, “not a class organisation. It has been always and is today a national organisation having as its members persons belonging to all classes and states of society. Another resolution, adopted at the working committee meeting of the Congress in the same year described the Congress policy towards the minorities and made it quite clear that the aim of the party was to achieve, “an independent and untied India where no class or group or majority or minority may exploit another to its own advantage, and where all the elements in the nation may co-operate together for the common good and the advancement for the people of India.” The Role of the Muslim League in India by Deepak Pandey, published by Tiwari Publications Ghonda, Delhi 110053,  1991, (pp. 46-47)

A worker of Muslim league who left it accused Jinnah that he wanted Hindu girls to be raped enmasse and that Hindus should be converted. Such a communal fiend is the apple of eye of the fake secularists who want votes. They forget the great sacrifices made by the Hindus to liberate this country from the British. Only the Hindus had to pay taxes when the British imposed penal tax upon a whole village after pro-freedom strike or agitation. Government servants or Muslims were exempt from paying such taxes. It is shameful that Hindus have not united so far even suffering so much for the last 1000 years at least.

Wake up Hindus otherwise your freedom will evaporate before your own eyes.

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  1. pramod says:

    I am sure such pseudo-secularists are under constant threat from Islamists, for their life for them to show how they care for Muslims.

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