The Tragic Story of Bhutanese Hindus forced to flee from there.

In 1877 the Bhutanese King issued a Kashog (Order) as follows: ” In response to the petition regarding new settlement of Gorkhali (Nepali) people in Dzongshurpu area of Bhutan Mr. Dhanbir, is hereby appointed as Mandal to guide the settlers. The settlers shall obey his guidance and they shall settle within the Dzongsharpa area stipulated for them only. Besides the Nepalies brought under the notice by Mr. Dhanbir no person either the Bhutanese who have fled away and settled in Darjeeling or Mentshong (Lepcha) shall be allowed to settle within the Dzonghsharpa area.

The people allowed to settle in Dzongsharpa area shall, in no way, be debarred by anyone from their settlemet within the stipulated area.

This Kashog is issued on 7th day of 11th month of Bhutanese Fire Bull year.



But Bhutanese Hindus have been thrown out of their hearths and homes even though they had been living there for the last 400 years and more. The reason is that the Bhutanese King, A Budhist, issued the order of One Nation One People. Anyone who wore a Hindu dress or women who wore Bindi or put vermillion in the parting of their hair on head was not liked by the administration in the name of one nation one people. The result is that Bhutanese Hindus were thrown out of their homes in the late 1980s. But since they are Hindus and are a miniscule minority no one bothered about them. The Media is especially silent on them because it is a pro-Imperialist (Christian and Islamic) media. In his speech on Hindu Human Rights Forum at India Law Centre, New Delhi on July 14, 2012 Dr. Bhampa Rai said: “Our ancestors, the Nepali speaking people, predominantly Hindus, were invited by the then Bhutanese ruler in 1624 AD to settle in the south of Bhutan, as the ruler was impressed from the early immigrants from Gorkha about their hard work and loyalty. Since then, we lived there as Gorkhas until 1958 when we officially became Lhotshamapas, the Bhutanese citizens living in southern part of Bhutan, by resolution of the country’s National Assembly.”

The Bhutanese Hindus are now in a state of sorrow and have been forced to leave the country of their ancestors to which they had been invited by the rulers in the 17th century about 400 years ago. Now they have been forcibly shifted to Eastern Nepal and forced to seek asylum in different countries of the world as domestic servants. They have no human rights. All Human Rights Organisations of the world are silent because they are busy with the Human Rights of the Imperialist people who have exploited the innocent people of the world for thousands of years. These pro-Christian and pro-Muslim Human Rights bodies do not consider Hindus as Human beings. Therefore it is high time for Hindus to unite and set up their own Human Rights organisations to give their fellow Hindus a rightful place under the sun. Hindus have always suffered at the hands of minorities in Hindusthan. Secularists of India are not interested in speaking for the suffering Hindus because they may be dubbed as communal. Therefore it is best for them to keep silent on the massive tragedy facing the miniscule minority of Hindus. The biggest tragedy is that the government of Hindusthan has also not done anything to alleviate the sufferings of the Hindus of Bhutan. It is an international problem and should have been taken up at the International fora but nothing was done. The successive Indian government have kept silent because they are always told by Bhutan that China is overlooking on the other side of the border and any interference in the internal affairs of Bhutan may adversely affect Indo-Bhutanese relations. They forget that China has already taken over Nepal through their agents the Maoists. India (Hindus) are surrounded on all sides by the enemies of Hindus – on the North West by Pakistan, North by China, East by Bangladesh, South by anti-India Sri Lanka regime and enemies within. Hindus must unite quickly otherwise they shall lose their freedom before it is too long.

                                                                                                                                                                 A.L.RAWAL(Associate Professor, DCAC, University of Delhi)

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    Excellent article. How do we start?

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