Do Hindus really have freedom in Bharat ?

1. ‘Hindus have the freedom to move freely in any clothes (fully or half clad).

2. Hindus have the freedom of consuming liquor and misbehaving in pubs.

3. They have the freedom of having illicit relationship with anyone.

In the same country, they do not have the freedom of

4. Agitating for protection of Dharma

5. Celebrating festivals as per their custom and tradition

6. Teaching ‘Bhagavat Geeta’ in school

The list of restrictions is long. What is the use of freedom that takes us on the path of immorality and allowing us to behave like beasts ? Conspiracy to destroy our self-respect is hatched openly; but we are busy in leading our own life by overlooking the above things. What are we going to achieve in life?

– One devout

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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  1. PL Bajaj says:

    All agreed But Bhagvat Gita tells you to kill your wicked enemy , even though he may be your brother , allows Kunti to remain Virgin after giving birth to karan .

    Instead of preaching religion like ahimsa parmo dharma , why don’t people like Asa ram and other so called religious preachers also preach Hindus to stand up for their rights . How many Hindus can be locked in jails . Let whole of India be turned into a huge jail .

    Hindu religion is the most vibrant and accommodative . But Hindus have also to draw their Laxman Rekhas .

    Those who cannot abide by SUCH BROAD tenets, as permitted by Hindus norms and traditions ,may leave . If not, they be pushed out to form any other STANS – Pakistan , Khalistan , Kabristan , Kabiristan, etc. Etc.

    India was not granted freedom by Britishers on agitations by Gandhi but by threats of further mutinies and activities of people like Subhash Bose , Rajguru , Bhagat Singh Chander Shekhars , Lajpat Rais , Lokmanya Tilaks and such people who stood up to the Britishers ,

    Power flows out of the barrel of a gun , not through any other hole of a human body.

    JAI HIND .

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