Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi terming India’s young generation as a “new-age power” than a “new age voter”, today shared his development model based on Skill, Scale and Speed. He strongly lamented that the prevalent vote-bank politics has ruined the country and the nation now needs development politics.

To make India a global brand, a three pronged integrated approach based on skill, scale and speed is the need of the hour, Shri Modi said while addressing the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) during his first ‘Shri Ram Memorial Oration” in Delhi. More than 2,000 young force were present to hear mind-blowing speech of Shri Modi.

The Gujarat Chief Minister pitched for P2G2—Pro-people, Pro-active Good Governance model saying good governance has been the hallmark of Gujarat’s development.

Shri Modi said that the 21st century is the century of knowledge and India must learn from global examples to become a global leader. The 21st century belongs to us. Europe and China are ageing but India’s youth is the new age power for the country. It has to be harnessed. Let us make ‘Made in India’ a global brand, upgrade the technology and make the world our dumping markets.

But our biggest challenge is to provide maximum opportunities to our youth, he said while delivering a key note address as part of the “Business Conclave” being organised by the college.

Expressing grave concern at the prevailing situation of pessimism in the country, Shri Modi said that even after six decades of independence, we have yet not achieved the concept of “Surajya” meaning good governance. We need to harness our vast reserves of natural resources and the untapped potential of our youth while making good governance as the main stay of our accelerated economic growth, he said.

Talking about the Brand Gujarat model and how India’s development is integrated with the development of Gujarat, he said that we have worked hard to transform Gujarat into one of India’s most developed state. Gujarat has achieved a sustained agro growth rate of over 10 per cent with its flagship programmes like Krushi Mahotsav, giving soil health cards to farmers, constructing check dams to reduce water scarcity etc. Shri Modi proudly mentioned the global relevance of Brand Gujarat with 121 countries participating in the recent Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit 2013 where 50 per cent GDP of India was present.

You go to Singapore. You will find milk from Gujarat there. You go to Afghanistan. You will find tomatoes from Gujarat there. You go to Europe. The Bhindi you eat there will be from Gujarat,” Shri Modi said as he explained his model of governance to the students.

Shri Modi also emphasised upon the need for new initiatives in education system. He informed the students that Gujarat has a forensic science university, which is the only one of its kind in the world. In 2001, we had 11 universities, now we have 42 universities in the state. My dream is to produce and export best quality teachers to the world, the Gujarat CM added.

Shri Modi also mentioned about the Raksha Shakti University in Gujarat where the youths are honed in various defence skills to produce young tech-savvy police forces.

This is the 150th Birth anniversary year of Swami Vivekananda and the Gujarat Chief Minister appealed the youth to follow the great leader’s ideals and realize his goals to contribute to build Diya-Bhavya Bharat.

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    I was present at the gate of SRCC much before the earrival of Shri Narendra Modi. I tried to enter but could not. The leftist goondas gathered there in large numbers and opposed the arrival of Modiji. What right they had to object to the presence of Narendra Modi to the College. They used objectionable language like”RSS Goondas go back.” Fascists go back. The NDTF and ABVP also replied back with full force. The leftists were mostly Muslims wearing the mask of democracy. One Islamuddin of Satyawati College, a lecturer who retired recently was wearing a mask which fully described his party and the Stalinist fascists he represented. They had been sent in good numbers. It is necessary for Hindus to unite forgetting their differences linguistic, caste, colour, status etc. and win the next elections otherwise they shall lose their freedom within the next 20 years.

  2. rajeshwari says:

    Fully agreed with Mr. Rawal. Now this is the time to snatch the mukhotas of so-call psedo-secularist forces in the name of “SECULARISM”, which in their vocabulary means making fool of the voters only. People of India must realise who is real nationalist(s) in the country?

  3. vijaysarkar says:

    . Mr. Modi is known for his conversant skills.

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