Secularism in India has been degraded, dwarfed and deformed to mean anti-Hinduism. When a journalist applies to a media house he is supposed to be secular because secularism sells. If he says represents one community or religion he or she is dubbed as communal. Therefor he has to appear to be secular and project the views of the owners of the media house. It is safe to be secular for the media house also because if it projects and propagates only one point of view then it shall not be able to attract all sections of society. Secularism thus sells.

But genuine secularism means respect for all and not disrespect for only Hindus and Hinduism. They always find faults with Hindus and their way of life. When Christians drink wine on Easter it is believed that the wine drunk by them becomes blood in the veins of Jesus Christ and when they eat meat on Easter it becomes flesh in the body of Christ. Does it really happen so? Secularists will not dare to ask such a question in the name of hurting sentiments of minorities. But they seem to hold a license to ride rough shod over the feelings of Hindus. The foolish remark of a Muslim girl on Bala Saheb Thackeray that such men are born and die every day is mischievous. Such a remark gives only a fleeting view of the mindset of people whom the girl represents. She has also said that martyrs like Bhagat Singh should be remembered. She does not know that the Muslims of Punjab did not down their shutters when Sardar Bhagat Singh was martyred. This led to tension in the Punjab and caused riots. Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the whole of India and not for Hindus, Sikhs or other non-Muslims of united India. But this disregard for his sacrficie is characteristic of the secular mindset. The photograph of Bhagat Singh is not available in Delhi. This is a great tragedy brought about the ruling family. They do not want the tallest of martyrs to be remembered. In fact history is being distorted and re-written by the secularists or the Church. Indian history is being cheapened and is sought to be a record of small events and smaller sacrifices. This trend is dangerous and aims at making Hindus forget their culture. They want Hindus to be De-nationalised and de-culturised.

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  1. Pradeep says:

    Good one…

  2. hinduawakens says:

    Other examples of secularism –
    !.Missionary visa, unique in the world.
    2. Employers must note the religion of each employee.
    3.Financial help to Muslims including hundred crores of rupees for madrasas. You can’t check what goes on in these places.
    4. Hindus can’t claim tax relief in puja activities, because it is not a religion.

  3. HH says:

    Free India from the wretched Nehru- Gandhi family and all else will fall in place.

  4. Soumitra says:

    Unless a powerful Hindu organization run by selfless and dedicated Hindus comes up to take up the Hindu cause, it is difficult for the Hindu society to survive.

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