Misdeeds of evil soul GANDHI-Gandhi’s Jawahar “Again” was drinking alcohol on the mid-night of 14-15 August 1947

               On the mid-night of 14th and 15th August 1947, when slaughter of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan was at its peak. Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru called “A gem” by Gandhi, along with many other Khadi-clad and Gandhi capped followers of Gandhi were enjoying wine, writes Mr. Raghuvendra Tanwar in his article “The last day of the Raj” in Sunday Reading of the Tribune dated 29-6-1997. It reads “From the minutes of the Viceroy Staff Meeting (No 68) of July 28, 1947, comes another amusing incident. The Viceroy issued instructions for a grand dinner and reception which was to follow the mid-night ceremony of August 14-15. He directed the toast to be drunk to the “health of King.” Considering he (Nehru)never drank (like numerous other Congress leaders) to drink port at 2 a.m. in toast to the Kind was quite something.” This Lord Mountbatten himself has confirmed that many Congress leasers, along with Nehru were taking alcohol and for him it was “quite something.” Of course, it was quite shameful, and the Viceroy did not expect it.

               Gandhi used to give sermon on abstention from alcohol, Ahimsa or non-violence, Brahmacharya, Ram Rajya, cow-protection. Gita, Sanatan Dharma and al that is considered high by Hindus. He was fully aware that Nehru does not have any of these qualities nor any regard for these high ethical values. He know that Nehru indulges in alcoholic drinks, non-vegetarian food, was a theist and ridiculed Ram Rajya, was a chain on the reins of the country to Nehru and Sardar Patel was asked to withdraw. Consequently, Nehru as Prime Minister encouraged all those ills in the society, which he had in his personal life, for which he had in his personal life, for which the entire blame goes to Gandhi, in the sense that he foisted a wrong man of the helm of affairs at a crucial period in the history of India.

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