SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA, Fact or Fiction? By S.P. Attri (USA)

By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. The phrase SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA means, in a nutshell, that all religions are one & the same and equal. For quite sometime, this phrase has been paraded around as a Mantra that is supposed to be the panacea for all the national integration problems of India. At least the secular crowd interprets & understands it that way and they have been beating their drums insisting on expanding the practice of this idea. So far this principle has failed miserably & there seems no hope of its ever succeeding in future although the never-say-die secular liberals must someday wonder as to what went wrong with their such a wonderful Jantra Mantra that must lie prostrate before the judgment of history. One cannot but sympathize with these liberal crowds who through their secular blind-folds are unable to see the viles & guiles that have been permeating the adversarial edicts of the theological ideologies disguised as religions ever since they were born and are being sustained on the practice & propagation of their imperialistic edicts. There is no dearth of pseudo-secular liberal intellectuals & politicians who are intrigued by the principle of SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA & can produce lectures, big & small, on it at short notice. What is really needed, however, is intellectual honesty which this pseudo-secular crowd thoroughly lacks. For them catchy slogans & vote-getting gimmicks are just another technique of extracting a rich harvest of political capital. That is why this phrase receives such a liberal chorus of praise & propaganda from them.

2. However, there is no mystery about this principle & this principle is not new at all. It is old wine in a new bottle & has been given a brand new fancy nomenclature of SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA to suit the needs of modern times. Here is all of it:

Ever since the Moslem marauders set foot on our sacred soil of India & started their rampage of harrowing hooliganism, terror & torture of the Kafir (Infidel) Hindus, most Hindus tried to avoid having to fight the fanatical barbaric invader. The ideological affinity of the Hindu to the abomination called the “Ahimsa” ( which the Hindus picked up from the Buddhistis during the reign of Buddhist kings in India) was so great that instead of defending their sacred Hindu faith according to the teachings of the Vedas, of the Ramayana, and of the Mahabharata, most Hindus opted for non-military methods such as wheeling, dealing, bribing, and handing out concessions to the greedy, lusty lecherous Islamic invaders, parceling out peaceful themes & slogans such as the Hindu-Moslem Bhai Bhai slogan and that both Islam & Hinduism are the same religions & equal. Hindus expended considerable energy trying to figure out ways regarding “what concessions can we give them ( the Islamic invaders) so they will give us peace & leave us alone. A few Hindus did put up a gallant fight against the Islamic invaders but these braves were few in number & were unable to stem the approaching gargantuan Islamic onslaught of terror which was coming to India with ever greater intensity every new year. Hindu priests & intelligentsia pleaded the concept of Hindu-Moslem Bhai Bhai & proposed Islam-Hinduism equality with the Moslem Mullahs suggesting to them that they accept the Hindu spiritual insight that all paths lead to the same goal. But the Moslem mullahs would have none of that. They represented an armed ideology named as Islam which claimed to be a superior religion, and which swore that Allah & his last prophet had told them that the whole earth has been mandated by Allah to the Moslem Millat & it is the sacred right & duty of every Moslem to overthrow & uproot Kufr & the worship of idols & that Hindus are the worst enemies of Allah & his prophet according the edicts of Koran.

History records many many Hindu attempts to forge a compromise & unity with Islam. The Bhakti movement & the Din-e-Illahi movement are well-known examples of great attempts towards this goal & both failed miserably because only Hindus subscribed to them & Moslems & their Ulema would have none of it. Their religion ( Islam) teaches them that in the eyes of Allah all human beings other than Moslems are wretched, filthy, mean, & worthless, they are to burn, for ever in the fires of hell, then how can Moslems ever think of becoming friends or think of unity & brotherhood with the Kafir Hindus.

3. Even the Hindu saints of the stature of Guru Nanak & Bhagat Kabir kept pleading with the Moslem Ulema to give up their Uniplex & Exclusivity approaches & accept the Universality approach of the Hindu insight that all religions & their paths lead to exactly the same goal. Numerous other Hindu saints carried on the same pleadings with the Moslem Ulema but failed to carry any conviction with the Moslem Mullahs & the Sultans. Ulema were convinced of their Uniplex Principle ( i.e. only one true path…theirs) and the only true path (i.e. Exclusivity). There is no direct access to God, man cannot know God save through their intermediatary, the prophet (Hazrat Mohammad). This fundamental principle of Islam automatically shuts out all alternative paths to God which are the antithesis of Islam. Kabir had to suffer persecution from Sultan Sikander Lodi for questioning the Uniplex & Exclusivity principles of Islam. Guru Arjan Dev & Guru Teg Bahadur had to lay down their lives. Hundreds of millions of Hindus were put to the sword of Islam in the enforcement of the Uniplex & Exclusivity principles of Islam as a uniformity of conduct, belief, and thought as seen by its enforcers, the Moslem Ulema & the Sultans. The Uniplex & Exclusivity principles apply equally well to Christianity. Centuries of its barbaric brutality & merciless slaughter of millions of non-Christians across several continents is historical proof of the consequences of Christianity’s Uniplex & Exclusivity principles, just like Islam’s.

4. Though the Hindu saints failed miserably in coming to any terms of equality & brotherhood with the Moslems but they succeeded royally in confusing the Hindu society into believing that Islam was just another religion instead of recognizing it for what it really is…an ideology of imperialism disguised as religion. The baton has now been passed onto the latter-day Hindu saints who have appeared now in more recent times as a class of social reformers who stand for casteless & classless society and the founders of the modern-day secularism in India. The confusion has now become extremely widespread & appears grand style in the sanctimonious slogan of SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA which was initially coined by Mahatma Gandhi. The veritable consequence of this slogan has been an unprecedented appeasement of prophetic religions ( Islam & Christianity). Hundreds & thousands of appeasement examples of the last 100 years can be cited. Starting with the Mahatma’s support of the Khilafat movement, the song Vande Matram, fully adopted as a national anthem by the Congress, was dropped ( except for two stanzas from it) because of Moslem opposition to it. Not only that, Gandhi & the Congress adopted Mohammad Iqbal’s “Sare Jahanse Achha Hindustan Hamara” as the Associate national anthem just to satisfy the Moslems. Next in series was the National Flag. The most adorned & shining symbol of the nation, the Saffron Flag, was fully & unanimously adopted by the Congress but was discarded due to the opposition of the Moslems. And so on & on with more examples. Gandhi & the Congress reasoned that if Hindu-Moslem unity, without which the British would not part with power- was to be achieved, the Moslems should not, at any cost, be allowed to feel displeased. Their sentiments should never be injured, for any reason whatsoever. Again & again Mahatma Gandhi approached the Moslems & the Moslem League in order to dispel their “misgivings” & “misunderstandings” and to convince them of the benign intentions of the Congress & of the Hindus to meet all the legitimate demands of the Moslems.

5. But the Congress was not the only bidder for the loyalty & support of the Moslems. Both the British & the Congress (Gandhi) were each trying to outbid the other in purchasing the Moslem support & in the process enhancing its price. By means of their Communal Award, the British had gone far ahead of the Congress in offering concessions to the Moslems to woo them. Naturally the Congress felt piqued & left behind in the race. It soon started negotiating with the Moslem League & resumed offering more concessions & so on. The gangster style continued & went on rewarding the Moslem League, reward disguised as assurances that “the minority rights were not trampled upon by the brute Hindu majority.” The concessions continued this way until the conversion of “Jinnah-Bhai” to “Quaid-e-Azam” was complete, the same Quaid-e- Azam who had unequivocally declared in the Central Legislative Assembly before that he was a “nationalist first, nationalist second, and nationalist third”, came now to declare unambiguously & emphatically that “Pakistan” was born the day when the first Hindu was converted to Islam centuries ago. There goes the illustrious slogan of Sarba Dharma Sama Bhava… into the garbage of history or does it? No! Why?

6. Because the modern social reformer, the pseudo-secular group is determined not to learn from the lessons of history, of remote or recent past, of why the Moslems have been up in arms for centuries against the Hindus. Why the Moslems forced the partition of the country? Why they continue discrediting & demolishing the Hindu places of worship? Why they continue to insult, degrade, and slaughter the Hindus? The proponents of Hindu-Moslem Bhai Bhai unity & Sarba Dharma Sama Bhava slogan continue to ignore these hard truths & parcel out lies. They have no understanding of the Moslem psyche, the laws of Islam, or the history of Islam. They do not realize that laws of Islam are not at the discretion of individual Moslems but have been finally laid down, for all time to come in the Koran. Moslems have not been given any option in the matter of these laws. All the Moslems can do to the non-Moslems is to conquer, convert, or kill them. There is no other choice for the Moslems. What makes the pseudo- secular crowd arrogantly conceive that they can succeed where Guru Nanak & Bhagat Kabir failed.

7. It is worth noting here that the Moslem spokesmen of today continue to level the same old accusations at the Hindus…that the Moslems are a “poor minority entirely at the mercy of a brute Hindu majority”, the same accusations that they used during the days of Gandhi. The response pattern of the pseudo-secular Indian government is also the same, after the passing of Gandhi i.e. appeasement of the Moslem minority at all costs. 8. Another group of Hindu intellectuals imitates the monotheism claims of Christianity & Islam & tries to convince the monopolists of monotheism that the earliest Hindu scripture, the Rig Veda sanctions & supports the monotheistic backbone of Christianity & Islam through the Rig Vedic verse “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti ( God is one, wise ones speak in diverse ways about Him).” They almost extend a pathetic appeal to the monopolists of monotheism that because of this phrase they should not be appalled by the multiplicity of gods & goddesses of the post-Vedic period but judge Hinduism on the basis of the “Original Intention” that Hinduism is a different way of saying the same monotheistic truth that was revealed to the religions of Christianity & Islam.

This approach of Imitative Hindu scholars is one of apology, of shamefacedness, & defensiveness; it concedes the criticism of Hindu methods & mores by the monotheistic religions (Islam & Christianity) as a valid criticism of Hinduism. It is an approach of abject surrender & slavish imitation. The Hindu slogan of Sarba Dharma Sama Bhava extended indiscriminately to Christianity & Islam is a perfect example of this Hindu psychology of cowardice, imitation, & sordid surrender. Some Hindus even go beyond that & stress the identity of Brahma with Abraham, Manu with Noah, Rama with Rahim, Krishna with Karim, & Kashi with Kaaba, and so on. But these energetic exercises of imitation & apology do not impress the monopolists of monotheism & they dismiss with contempt the Hindu claim of sharing monotheism with them. Instead & in fact, they invite Hindus to renounce their nebulous & counterfeit monotheism & accept the one & only one true monotheism of their faiths.

9. The Hindu society is caught up in this quagmire of passivity, apology, & defensiveness & because of this attitude is surrounded by enemies on all sides. What is needed for Hindu society is to give itself a shock treatment & shed its slavish defensive mentality of the last 1200 years & become an awakened guard of its noble Hindu faith & stand steadfast. Hindu society needs to take a good close look at the blood-soaked bigotries of the monopolists of monotheistic religions & examine the scriptures of these clay-footed creeds & their prophets, saints & so-called saviors. The day the Hindu society does that, these clay-footed creeds will not know how to defend their unenviable dismal doctrines. Hindu society has yet to raise the curtain on the creeds of “brotherhood” & “social services” & reveal the record of the erstwhile traffickers in slavery on a vast scale. Hindu society has yet to remove the veil hiding the vast slave-empires maintained by mass-slaughter & unmitigated terror for centuries by the monopolistic monotheistic creeds. The day the Hindu society goes on this kind of ‘Expose’ of the real nature of the brotherhood & socialist swearology of the monotheistic religions of Christianity & Islam, the minions of the mercenary murderous culture of monotheistic creeds will lose their brotherhood bark & not know where to hide their malignant mein & stinking record of centuries. Hindus need to completely & consummately expose what is hidden behind the pretentious verbiage of these monopolistic monotheistic creeds & their self-righteousness.

10. Finally and above all, Hindus should never forget that SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA never ever worked in the past, it would never work today, tomorrow, or ever. The reason why SARBA DHARMA SAMA BHAVA never works is because it is a total travesty of truth. Therefore: My Hindu Brothers & Sisters: Arise & awake & stand upto the religions of exclusivity as a Dharam Yudh against evil.

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