Subramanian Swamy recommends invading Bangladesh

Subramanian Swamy has given a blunt but honest solution to the illegal bangaldeshis who will turn Assam into another Kashmir and destabilize the whole north east challenging the integrity of India.

He says that bangladesh(/pakistan) was created for muslims on the premise that they cannot live with hindus.But since muslims from bangladesh have entered into India and living with hindus then the reason for the existence of a separate muslim country doesn’t exist.

So, Bangladesh should return land in proportion to the muslims that have immigrated into india. 1/3rd of bangladesh.

Or, Invade bangladesh to occupy that land.

Land north of Sylhet to Khulna constitures 1/3rd of Bangladesh equal to the proportion of 1/3rd of bangladeshi muslims who have immigrated into India.The designated land should be captured.

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    He is right. Bangladesh is a creation of Indira Gandhi. 3500 of Indian soldiers laid down their lives to liberate Bangladesh from the clutches of Pakistan. But ever since the creation of Bangladesh, the infiltrators have been allowed by the anti-national Marxists first and now by Mamata. She is banking upon them for political support and slowly turning Hindu West Bengal into Muslim West Bengal. People from Kolkatta say that Kolkatta the city of joy has now become a city of Mosques and Madrassas only because of the treacherous Marxists who imported voters from Bangladesh. But this fell country has not shared a piece of land with India. It should give land to India in proportion to the population it has exported to India. If it does not do so India should invade Bangladesh and take posession of the required piece of land. The most tragic part is that Congress government is giving small enclosures of land to Bangladesh which the ex-rulers had lost to each other in gamble and are land locked either by India or Bangladesh.

  2. lokesh g says:

    No country in the world can allow illegal migrants to have ration cards,voting rights and other facilities that are enjoyed by natural citizens.Our HM goes to an extant that he orders BSF not to open fire on BDs crossing on into India.What can be more pathetic than this.As a result of this millions of pigs have crossed into India.Can UK,USA Russia or France accept Indians crossing into their country?The government give orders to all Hindus in Assam and West Bengal to shoot every BD in their locality.Within a week there will not be a single Bangladeshi in India.No need to wedge a war against BD.Kill all them.

  3. Dour Shamelets says:

    “No country in the world can allow illegal migrants to have ration cards,voting rights and other facilities that are enjoyed by natural citizens”

    Actually, England does that… we are full up with Bangladeshis frauding our elections and stealing money. Do you mind if we send some back?

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