MISDEEDS OF EVIL SOUL-Gandhi treacherous behavior on Martyrdom of Swami shradhanand and Sardar Bhagat Singh


               Although Swami Shraddhanand was an Arya Samaj leader, he had close association with Gandhi.  After the massacre of Jalinwala Bagh in 1919, no body had the courage to hold Congress Session at Amritsar. At the critical time, Swami Shraddhanand ventured  to be the chief guest and chairman, and successfully conducted the Congress session. Secondly, he lead a group of Satyagrahis in Ghantaghar area at Delhi. When British soldiers were ordered to shoot the demonstrators, he challenged and thundered “first shoot me in my chest.”  Therefore, the soldiers did not dare to shoot the satyagrahis. He was the first to sign the oath for participating in the satyagraha movement, and acted like right hand of Gandhi.

               But Gandhi showed his mean-ness, when Swami Shraddhanand was brutally assassinated by one Muslim fundamentalist Addul Rashid on 23rd December 1925. The Muslims rejoiced over it. Gandhi neither denounced the gruesome murder, nor did he demand that culprit be punished. On the contrary, he wrote a letter to the murderer, addressing him as “Pyare Bhai Rashid” (i.e. dear brother Rashid). Later he established brotherly relations with Rashid. It was British rule, and they believe din justice in such matters. Abdul Rashid was promptly arrested and sentenced to death. Gandhi immediately petitioned to the Viceroy for clemency to the murderer, but it was rejected and the culprit hanged to death. (see A view of Gandhism by A.B. Kelkar, Organiser dated 2-2-1997)

               The same very Gandhi had refused to plead the case of Sardar Bhagat Singh, for mitigating the sentence to life imprisonment, who was sentenced to death for killing a British police officer as revenge for fatal lathi blows to Lala lajpath Rai. Rather Gandhi said, that Bhagat Singh and his associates must be punished for their sinful crime. (see Arya Jagat dt. 13-11-1994 and Cabbages & Kings by V. P. Bhatia, Organiser dated n16-12-1997).

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