Are Hindus moving towards Hindu-less Greater Bengal?

The way Mamata Didi is appeasing Islamists in Bengal leading to their exponential growth in all sectors of life and Hindus are being cleansed ethnically from Bangladesh – it seems that the unfulfilled dream of Suhrawardy – Greater Bengal – also supported by Communists elatedly – will not remain a distant dream anymore. If the (existing) brutal saga continues, the dream may turn into a reality within the next decade sealing fate of Hindus inhabiting this part of Indian subcontinent finally.

What will Hindus do then count on them solely but if some of them prefer to remain “sickular” still, they ought to read the writing on the wall and have info of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan, from their Hindu fellows on the other side of the border.

Here is a small extract from “A Socio Political History of Bengal and birth of Bangladesh” by Kamruddin Ahmed, Dacca (ex-Pakistani diplomat), Fourth Edition, 1975 focusing on the nitty-gritty of the saga of Greater Bengal as proposed by Suhrawardy and supported by Communists wholeheartedly.

“Greater Bengal provided for, to establishment of an independent state for Bengali speaking people in Eastern India. The territory would extend from Purnea to Assam. The nucleus of the state would be known as Central Bengal and would consist of districts of Muslim majority Chittagong, Dacca, Presidency and Rajshahi divisions and Sylhet district.”

“The rest of Assam would be known as Eastern Zone. Districts of Burdwan division and Purnea would form Western Region. The Assembly, would have representation on fifty-fifty basis but the Prime Minister would always be a Muslim.”

The proposal, put forward 65 years ago, thus, remains relevant still.

And as discussed already, present developments are pointing towards execution of the same proposal more successfully – with one difference – Greater Bengal would be without Hindus and Hindus are moving towards the same speedily.


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  1. Jitender khurana says:

    I sent u a mail on your mail id mentioned. Reply me asap. I need some info on Sai baba info given on your wordress page.

  2. dipak says:

    Headless Bengali Hindus support Mamtaz Banu.They don’t realise in near future they will all be beheaded or converted to Musalmanism.

  3. A.L.Rawal says:

    Mamata is leading the entire Hindu community of Bengal to a suicide. It is clear from her ways that she is more an appeaser of the anti-national elements among people. She is taking ahead the work done by the anti-national Marxists. They ruled for 35 years and brought in voters from Bangladesh. The result is that the entire North-East is disturbed.

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