By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. In the long stretch of history, lasting thousands of years, are Islam and Christianity, the first ones or the only ones, that we came in contact with? No, there were many other people who came to India, before Islam and Christianity, some of them were traders, some were invaders, who were tempted by the Bird Of Gold, that India was believed to be. Amongst these outsiders are such groups as Greeks, Kushans, Shakas, Huns, and others. They were confronted by the Swordsmen of the Hindu, though they conquered a few parts of India, they merged with the Indian Society, and were eventually absorbed in it. They have become part and parcel of our culture and nation.

Then what is the problem with Islam and Christianity, who also came from outside? Why can’t they be welcomed with a Hot Welcoming Meal?

The problem is that, neither Islam nor Christianity, came to India, just to invade and plunder India, they both came to root out the existing system in India, to eradicate the foundations of our Sanatan Dharma (a Kafir-Religion), and to put in its place their own ideology of Islam (and Christianity). They will not stop their Crusade to convert every Hindu in our country to their own barbaric-ideology (Islam/Christianity), both are Utterly-Uncompromising on this score, neither of them will stop, until all the Kafirs (Non-Moslem/Non-Christian Infidels) have been converted to their own ideology.

2. Make no mistake about it. The invasion started by Mahmood Ghaznavi in 712 A.D, has not ceased, it is still continuing, and it will not cease either. Because we did not understand the real nature of Islam (Christianity), we failed to devise methods and procedures to stop and eliminate this menace. Moslems/Christians procedures are Repeats of the same old Islamic (Christian) Ideology.
What is wrong with efforts to have a dialogue, with Islam/Christianity, and arrive at peace with both of them?

Answer: How can you have dialogue with someone, who says:
“I don’t accept you, I do not consider you my equal, you are a Kafir and headed for Hell.” I am a Far-Superior Person than a Kafir (which you are), I Un-Hesitatingly Affirm that, there is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is His Prophet?
Regarding peace with Islam and Christianity: This is even more fictional. Islam/Christianity did not come to this world, to make peace with existing religions, they came to eliminate and replace all of them. Of course, you will never be able to get them to admit it, both will say:

“Islam/Christianity is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood.”
Religion Of Peace (Islam/Christianity)…My Foot. This claim is so scandalous and fictional, it is Not even funny. With this claim, Moslems/Christians are Spreading False Information. The fact is, that is what they (Moslems/Christians) want you to believe that Islam/Christianity is, but the reality of both is Exactly The Reverse. Our Moslem/Christian adversaries are very Cunning, Crafty, Duplicious, and Barbaric. We have absolutely no choice but to confront these barbaric-ideologies, head-on.

3. Our war against Islam/Christianity, is not a war of conquest or plunder or domination. Our war is for the purpose of eliminating the tyranny and barbarism of Islam/Christianity, and to establish Dharma, Truth, and Justice. We have fought wars in Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh, and have defeated our adversaries in both places, but defeat of Pakistan or of Bangladesh, does not mean the defeat of Islam. We can defeat Pakistan/Bangladesh again, but that is not the end of our problem. After the war, the Moslems are free to multiply like rabbits, and take over our country demographically and democratically.

So what we need to do, is defeat Islam/Christianity in India.
Of course, there have been other wars of long duration, such as between England and France, the so-called Hundred-Years War, but that came to an end, and today there is no trace of enemity, between England and France. But Islam’s War against the Hindu, has been going on for 12 centuries, and it still goes unchecked.
Why is this 1200 year old Islamic-War against the Hindu still continuing? Because Islam/Christianity are both:


Neither of them is a normal-religion, nor even a religion, both are ideologies, and Religio-Military Machines. Both have a Standing-Army of Jehadees (Crusaders), tasked with forcing the message of Islam/Christianity, down the throat of Kafirs (Non-Moslem/Non-Christian Infidels), regardless of whether the Kafirs want this message or not. Why?

Taking Islam alone for explanation (even though Christianity is Extremely-Similar, nearly Identical):
Because Hazrat Mohammad has told them, that Kafirs are the Shaitaan’s (Satan’s/Devil’s) Party, and Moslems are God’s (Allah’s) Party. Moslems are a Blessed-Lot, and Kafirs are a Condemned-Lot. Allah hates them, Hazrat Mohammad hates them, and Mohammad’s followers also hate them (that is the Kafirs).

4. A Kafir really has no choice. Either he accepts Islam and gets converted, or faces death, or if the Moslem is compassionate enough to let him live, then the Kafir can live as a Dhimmi, as a Third or Fourth rate member of the society, provided he pays Jaziya.

Islam does not believe in peace, nor in any kind of democracy. In an Islamic country, only the Moslems have the right to live honorably, the Non-Moslems have “only” the above three options.
Islam does not believe in any kind of peace. A Moslem who kills a Kafir with his own hands, he gets the title of Ghazi. A Moslem who joins the gang of Jehadees, for the purpose of converting ( or killing) Kafirs to Islam, gets the title of Mujahid. A Mujahid is considered a Far-Superior person, than a mere Moslem.
A Moslem-Mujahid who forces his misery and tyranny on Kafirs, and goes on killing Kafirs, and gets killed in the process, he earns the title of SHAHEED. In the Roll-Call of Islamic-Honor, Shaheed is the Highest-Title that a Moslem can aspire to get. For this Holy-Act of Killing Kafirs and getting killed, he goes straight to Janat (Moslem’s Paradise), he Does Not Have To Wait For The Day Of Judgment. There is nothing Holy in these Heinous-Crimes, but Islam calls these Hideous-Deeds as Holy. What Travesty, What Perversity of Nomenclature, What Perversity Of Thinking, to call these Rank-Criminal Acts as Holy?

5. According to the Grease-Monkeys (GMs: The Islamic-Clergy) of Islam:
Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood, and has five main pillars. These pillars are:

a. Allah and His Messenger; b. Prayer; c. Zakat; d. Ramzan; d. Haj

There are other beliefs, notions, customs, and conventions also in Islam.
But Islam is not a religion of Peace, and these are Not the real pillars of Islam either, the real pillars of Islam are something totally different, the real pillars of Islam befit the stock, standing, and status of a Moslem-Jehadi, and trickle down into the Harbor Of Islam, available to everybody to view the Panorama of Islam’s Hatred of Kafirs .

The Biggest of these Real-Pillars of Islam is:
“A GOSPEL OF HATE (yes, Islam is a Gospel Of Hate!).”

The Real Pillars of Islam are:
a. Kafir-Hatred
b. Kafir Dislike and Enemity
c. Kafir-Elimination (via Jehad, including Kafir-Slaughter)
d. Extremely-Seductive and Alluring Rewards of Janat (Moslem’s Paradise), including 72 Houris, for killing Kafirs.

The above list is a list of Real-Pillars of Islam, it can be seen that Kafir-Hatred is the Focal-Point of this list, and Kafir-Hatred is a Potent-Weapon in the Armory Of Islam.

6. It can be seen that if there is no Kafir-Hatred (in Islam), then there can be no Kafir-Enemity either, and then there is no need to conduct Jehad against Kafirs either. There there is no scope for titles like Mujahid, Ghazi, and Shaheed either. And then there is no need to bribe the Moslems, with rewards of Janat, for committing Horrid and Senseless Crimes against Kafirs.


Further, Kafir-Hatred is not a temporary hatred in Islam either. It started with Day One of Islam, and continues for all time to come, it has no end.
In fact, if Islam ever gave up Kafir-Hatred, then there is no excuse for the existence of Islam, and Islam shall have to close shop. The GMs of Islam will never agree to give up Kafir-Hatred, they would not want to cut their own throat, they wouldn’t want to give up the Power-House of Islam (And Kafir-Hatred is the Power-House of Islam).

7. Thus it can be seen that there is nothing Peaceful in Islam, there is nothing Holy in Islam. Islam is based on Kafir-Hatred, and Islam is a:
Gospel Of Hate.

How to deal with this Gospel Of Hate?
Answer: The most effective, and in fact the Only way to deal with the Lethal-Soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad, is by usage of:


What this means is:
Applying the Quranic methods of War (and Jehad) against the Moslems, including Hatred, Enemity, Counter-Jehad, Terror, Fear, and Murder, to be applied against the Moslems.
In this approach, the Usage of Ratio-Technique is Most Fitting, and to the Point. Since Hindu is and has been the victim of Islam, the choice of the particular-ratio, is upto the Hindu.

After the Ratio-Technique has been in use for a while, it would bring about a fundamental change, in the thinking of the Moslem, many Moslems would abandon Islam, and join the ranks of Hindus.

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