A Dictionary of Indian History, Vol. I has this to say about Akbar the imperialist wrongly called as Akbar the Great by Marxist lumpens and corrupt Congress intellectuals who want to rise in life by showing respect to fake heroes like Akbar and whatever he represented.

“Akbar inherited a minor kingdom and left behind a vast empire, a firmly established state with its own political and administrative institutions and a court culture.”

“Daud Khan – son and successor of Sulaiman Kararani of Bengal who died in 1572. Unlike his father, Daud claimed to be the independent ruler of Bengal. He even attacked the Mughal district of modern Ghazipur in UP…………Akbar considered the existence of an independent Afghan kingdom in Bengal as a great threat to his security. So Akbar personally led a campaign against Daud in 1574 but could no better than drive him from Bihar. Daud retreated towards Orissa, and though defeated by the Mughal general Munim Khan he continued fighting against the Mughals until his final defeat and death in a battle near Rajmahal in July 1576. After the death of Daud Bengal became an integral part of the empire of Akbar.” (page 281)

Compiled by AL RAWAL,Associate Professor DU

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  1. dipak says:

    Akbar was an alcoholic and bi-sexual.

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