Gandhi suggested weaker section of the Hindus to embrace Islam and Christianity. Hindus should be grateful to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


               In 1932, the British Prime Minister announced Communal Award, according to which there was to be separate electorate for Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and scheduled Castes. Gandhi did not utter even a single word against separate electorate for others, but resorted to fast –unto death against Scheduled Castes. Rather, Gandhi suggested, that he will have no objection if S.Cs leave Hinduism and embrace Islam and Christianity. (See p-10 Dr. Ambedkar – Vyekti aur Vichar)

               Dr. Ambedkar observed, that “my only regret is, why did not Mahatmaji take the attitude at the R.T> C (Round Table Conference)” If he had shown the same consideration to my point of view, it would not have been necessary for hi to go through the ordeal” (fast) Here it may be recalled that he(i.e. Ambedkar) had in his report to Simon Commission demanded Joint electorate (with caste Hindus) with reserved seats but it was Gandhi’s determined opposition to the demand of the untouchables, whgich worsened the situation, and even compelled Ambedkar to switch over to separate electorates (see page – 141, Ambedkar Policies and  Scheduled Castes – by Prem Prakas- Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi).

               “The Mahatama tried to enter into an agreement with Muslims and the Congress. He offered to the Muslims all fourteen claims, which they had  put forth on their behalf, and in return asked them to join him in resisting the claim for social representation made by me(i.e. Ambedkar ) on behalf of depressed classed. “(page – 139). This shows the extent of meanness to which Gandhi could stoop low, and agreed to accept the undue demands of Muslims to deprive the depressed Hindus of their due rights. Gandhi;s stand was that, he had no objection. If these depressed Hindus embrace Islam and Christianity, but as Hindus they cannot have any right.

               Caste Hindus should be grateful to Dr. Ambedkar for three reasons. Firstly, he never joined hands with Muslims to fight for the cause at depressed classes. On the other hand Gandhi joined hands with Muslims against depressed Hindus. Even if Dr. Ambedkar had embraced Islam or Christianity as a revenge, and persuaded his followers to do the same, the caste Hindus had no right to blame him. But he did not do so, for which he deserves all the praise.

               Secondly, Dr. Ambedkar published a book in 1940 “Thoughts on Pakistan”, in which he suggested, that Pakistan should be accepted with complete exchange of Hindu and Muslim population. Here I would like to quote him to show that he was the only wise and intelligent leader, who understood the reality, analyzed the situation correctly and cautioned the Hindus well in time. He wrote:

               “The so called common features in social customs and the manners of the Hindus and the Muslims were result of incomplete conversion and not sign of common culture. The bitterness of the invasions and conversions was so deep seated that a century of political life under British Rule had neither succeeded in assuaging nor people forget it. The Hindus cherish the memories of the warriors who had fought the Islam. The argument that Pakistan would weaken the defense of India was fallacious because the Indian Army had been for over a hundred years, predominantly Muslim in its composition and that too Muslims from Punjab  and NWFP. The question hwo this army of Punjab and N.W.F.P. Muslims will behave if Afghanistan invades India is very pertinent and a crucial question and must be faced, however, unpleasant it may be. To oppose Pakistan on this ground is to buy a sure weapon of their own destruction. A safe army is better than a safe border. (p-328-30 Genesis of Pakistan___by V.V. Nagarkar.)

               Dr. Ambedkar further suggested, that along with creation of Pakistan, we should

Have “Completer Exchange of Muslims left in India with Hindus left behind in Pakistan, as logical corollary of Partition.” Had we accepted his advice, there would have been no killings of Hindus during partition in 1946-48, and exchange of population would have been orderly and peaceful. Mr. Jinnah too wanted the same thing. India would have been free from communal problem. And very strong and prosperous nation. But see, what treachery Gandhi has done? By following Gandhi, Hindus have destroyed their country, and are suffering in all possible manners.

               The third reason for gratefulness to Dr. Ambedkar is that he came to the conclusion that Aryans were not foreign invaders, but  belonged to India. This he wrote in his book “who were the Shudras? (An article by Devendra Swarup in Arya Jagat dated 10-09-1995). The followers of Gandhi and Nehru still believe in the false theory of foreign invasion by Aryans, just like biased European writers. If some efforts to rectify the ancient history on the basis of our own records is done, the Gandhians create lot of noise. Those stupid Hindus, who oppose Anbedkar and follow Gandhi are the biggest enemy of the nation.


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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    We should all be thankful to Dr.Ambedkar. He was offered Rs. three crore by the Nizam of Hyderabad to convert to Islam. But Dr. Ambedkar refused. He said that he would convert but would remain within the cultural ambit of Indian civilisation. For this reason he converted to Budhism as a protest against the indignities heaped upon Dalits in this country.
    I have edited about 150 books on Dalit and Dr. Ambedkar movements in India. They all bring out the great nationalist nature of Dr. Ambedkar.

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