All followers of Gandhi are sinful criminals


               Gandhi’s statement of 13-1-1948, as recorded on page 355 of Delhi Dairy, states that “Some people taunted him that he had sympathy for the Muslims only, and that he had undertaken fast for their sake. They were right. But all his life he had stood as everyone should stand, for minorities or those in need., Pakistan had resulted in depriving the Muslims of the Union (India) of pride and self-confidence. It hurt him to think that it was so.”

               “He would repeat with his last breath that the Hindus and Sikhs should be brave enough to say that whatever happened in Pakistan, they would not raise their little finger against a single Muslim.”

               Here it is worth noting that this statement of 13th January is just opposite to that of the statement which he made two days later, as given under serial no 28, in which he says that “the fast is meant to bring sanity to all those who inhabit both India and Pakistan.” This is one more example to show how Gandhi spoke lies, twisted facts and cheated the Hindus.

               Here it may be emphasized, that it were the Muslims belonging to the Truncated India, who created Pakistan and  all the Muslim seats were captured by Muslim League in 1945-46 elections. Not a single Muslim seat went to Congress,. In fact  this was a sort of referendum for creation of Pakistan. Still Gandhi was so much worried about their pride and self-respect that he went on indefinite fast.  There was  no danger to their life and property in Truncated India.

               But the same Gandhi had no worry for the life, property and honor of the Hindus and Sikhs left Pakistan. As per Gandhi’s own statement  that “whatever happened in Pakistan. “ Hindus and Sikhs should ignore it, indicates Gandhi’s way of thinking. These Hindus and Sikhs left in Pakistan had full faith in Gandhi followed his instructions and always shouted slogans ‘long live Mahatama Gandhi” and also erected Gandhi’s statue at some places. Now they were being slaughtered and all sortof cruelties were being inflicted upon them by Muslims. Hindu and Sikh women were being abducted and dishonoured with unthinkable  cruelty. Therefore, all those who sided with Gandhi, supported him in any form and appreciated him are also shareholders in the treachery that Gandhi did, and  are sinful criminals.

               It is certain, that whenever India would emerge as Hindu Nation. Gandhi and all Gandhians would be considered as traitors, just like Jai chand of Rajput history, who sided with Mohammed Ghori tio defeat Prithivi Raj who was inflicted cruelties including gouging of his eyes, and like Gangu Brahmin of Sikh history who handed over two small innocent children of Guru Govind Singh to Muslims, who were done to death by bricking them alive in a wall at Sarhind, Punjab.

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