Gandhi and Nehru created Kashmir problem and responsible for killings of Hindus

               As a matter of fact, Nehru was in position only due to Gandhi, otherwise Sardar Patel would have been the first Prime Minister of India,. Therefore, Gandhi is responsible for all the wrongs which Nehru did, in addition to his own sins. In his prayer meeting on 20th January 1948 Gandhi said “It should gladden their hearts to note that this beautiful land of theirs had produced such great man, endowed with such wonderful spirit of service and self sacrifice. Jawahar was real Jawahar (Gem) and there were others only not so lustrous perhaps. (see Delhi Diary p – 362). This type of praise was often showered by Gandhi on Nehru.

               It was Gandhi’s conspiracy to remove Maharaja Hari Singh, and give all the powers to Sheikh Abdullah. Gandhi said in his prayer meeting on 25-12-1947, “He considered Sheikh Abdullah to be the real head of Kashmir. Every one who had been to Kashmir had told him. What an unrivalled hold the Sheikh had on the Muslim masses.. He had heard of the murder of numberless Muslims and abduction of Muslim girls in Jammu. The maharaja Sahib must own the responsibility. He (i.e. Gandhi) would advise the Maharaja to step aside along with his ministers. In view of what had happened in Jammu, and give fullest opportunity to Sheikh Abdullah…”(see page 283, Delhi diary). This statement of Gandhi was more dangerous than the demands made by Muslim fundamentalists. Gandhi ignored the existence of Hindu majority Jammu and Buddhist majority Ladakh, and wanted to give the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir to Shiekh who was popular among Muslim masses, where as Islamic fundamentalists would be satisfied with only Kashmir valley. And again, why the same argument should not apply to India. And it should remain with the representatives of Hindus?

               The real position was, that barbarous Pathan Tribes along with Pakistan forces in civilian dress had invaded Jammu and Kashmir. They were indulging in unimaginable atrocities on Hindu and Sikh population in various towns. Instead of advising Nehru to send more and more forces to counter the invasion and atrocities on Hindus, he falsely blamed the Hindus of Jammu. Thus Gandhi committed double sin, one of hiding the atrocities on Hindus and secondly of telling a blatant lie that Hindus were killing Muslims in Jammu.

               Nehru had acted exactly in accordance with the line of thinking of Gandhi. “Nehru had plainly told the Maharaja “First hand over power in Jammu & Kashmir to Sheikh Abdullah: quit Jammu & Kashmir, and go out of state, then accession can be accepted and Indian Troops will reach Srinagar…” (see page 230. Converted Kashmir by Narendra Sehgal).

As a result, the barbaric Pakistani invaders reached Srinagar uninterrupted, after destroying town after town, killing, looting Hindus and doing all sort of atrocities. Here I would like to mention only one incident, to show what they did in Mirpur. Gandhi and Nehru are the real culprits for the crimes which Pakistanis did.

               Mirpur town, situated at stone’s throw from Pakistan border, was headquarters of a district in Jammu & Kashmir and its population was about 10,000 in 1947, with over 80% Hindus inhabitants and the rest being Muslim. Soon after partition in 1947, Muslim families started leaving the town in phased and planned manner. This was a part of the well-thought of strategy of Pakistan to get the city vacated from Muslims. Soon there was influx of Hindu refugees from nearby areas, and the population of the town swelled to about 25 thousands.

               Sensing trouble from Pakistani invaders, about 200 men from Mirpur had met Nehru at the Jammu airport and requested him to send in the army to Mirpur, but Nehru retorted “what good deeds have you people shown for which the army should be sent to Mirput?” the result was, that Pakistani invaders attacked the city on 23rd Nov. 1047. Since there was not enough force, Rao Rattan Singh, the D. C. slipped away from the town along with his trusted officials and the army on 25th Nov with out taking the citizens into confidence. The R. S. S  did a good job, but was no match for the invaders, who had come in very large numbers. Thus Mirpur fell on 25th. People ran helter skelter, women either committed suicide or were killed by their own near and dear to save their honor. Those who thought they could be safe behind closed doors were either killed mercilessly or imprisoned in inhuman conditions.

               The straggler Hindus, running towards Jammu with their families were rounded up by Pakistanis in the infamous Ali Beg Camp. A few were lucky to reach Jammu. Ali Beg Camp’s comparison with Auschenwitz in Germany, where Jews were exterminated en-mass, would not be far fetched. Young and beautiful girls were selected either for the harems or the seller’s market in Arab countries. The males were taken out of the camps on the pretext of labour duties and tortured to death. Ultimately, the International Red Cross came to rescue the helpless refugees, only to find out of the original 25000 people, only 4600 has survived. No trace of the remaining 20400 people could be found. After reaching Ali Beg Camp many girls and women ended their lives by jumping into the Upper Jhelum Canal. (see the fall of Mirpur by S. Kumar Mahajan, Organiser dated 4-1-1998, by Anupama Mahajan and Sansar Chander, in The Tribune Saturday Plus dated 29-11-97, and Tearful Memories of the town that was by Sansar Chander himself a victim, The Tribune dated 21-11-1998.)

               One can easily see that Mr. Nehru intentionally refused to save the lives of Hindus. Therefore, Gandhi and Nehru are personally guilty of genocide/of the Hindus, and can be counted in the category of criminals.


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  1. RAGHAVA REDDY says:

    how can these misdeeds of those people (gandhi,nehru,…..)reach the present youth?

  2. dipak says:

    We have a duty to spread the facts past and present to Hindu youths, so that we don’t our country.. Be proud to be a Hindu.

  3. rammanohar says:

    i think we need to stand with the hindu in j&k and support them from all part of country. we have no control on passed but i confident that if all come out then surly hindu in j@k get their share and right to live with respect. all hindu need to learn the mistake done in the past and make sure not repat. ” leave the nehru and gandhi with their dream”

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