1. Are Hindus acting as enemies of Hinduism?

You better believe it, they are.

Many examples can be cited to illustrate the professional-grade truth of this obnoxious observation. Take a look at the following two examples:

a. Who is voting for the Haj Subsidy?
Answer: Our Hindu Politicians (these are Phoney-Liberal Hindus).

b. Who is voting for the subsidies and salaries to Mullas and Maulvies of Moslem-Schools (AKA Madrassas)?
Answer again: Our Hindu Politicians.

Are more examples needed to prove that, some Hindus are supporting the cause of Islam in India? If these kinds of examples are not proofs, of Hindus acting as the enemies of Hinduism, then what the hell are they?

2. Make no mistake about it. All monetary subsidies to Moslems, that are voted in by the Hindu-Politicians of India, are supporting the cause of Islam in India. All such Pro-Islamic and Anti-Hindu actions by our Hindu-Politicians, are resulting in the cultural and religious genocide of our Hindu-People, outrageous actions of this category, are not only vandalizing Hindus, they are building the grave of our Hinduism, right inside the land of our Great Bharat-Varsha (the land of the Hindu), all of these subsidies are various types of Jaziya, that we Hindus are paying. Here the Hindu earns money, pays taxes on it, and Hindu’s Tax-Money is spent for the welfare of the Moslem. If this model of transference of Hindu-Money to Islam is not Jaziya, then what the hell is it. The Mullas and Maulvies are having a time of their life, laughing at our Hindu-Stupidity, and enjoying the massive-manufacture of Allah’s Soldiers right inside India, and bringing all of this about with money stolen from the Kafir-Hindu, hastening the day of Hindu’s “Knock-Off” from India.

For these renegade actions, these Pompous, Phoney-Liberal Hindu Politicians, should be put behind bars, instead they are allowed to lord over us, and they are becoming the ruling elites of our country.

3. Note this: No subsidy is paid to the Hindu Pilgrims, not a tinker-damn is plunked down to the Hindu Teachers, none whatsoever is vectored in the direction of our Poor Hindu Priests. In fact, the Temple-Money is stolen from the Hindu Temples, by the government. Is this not an example of step-motherly treatment, that is being given royally to the Hindu? And worse of it all, it is all happening right inside the land of our Great Bharat-Varsha? And we Hindus are tolerating all these shenanigans, all this monkey-business, all this non-sense. Is there anything more pressing than this one, for Hindus to turn their eyes upon, is this episode not stunning enough in its constitution and application? Are we not feeding the wolves of Islam, and punishing the lambs of Hinduism? Are we not boosting the blood-thirsty war mechanism of Islam in India? Have we forgotten what these barbarians did to us Hindus during the last 1200 years?

4. All these Pro-Islamic actions that our Hindu-Politicians are espousing, are not only giving comfort to the Sullas, they  are swelling the population of Islamic-Jehadis in India’s Madrassas, emboldening the Sullas to let loose the fury of their Islamic-Jehad against the Hindu, let no Hindu fail to observe that, this is a subtle-mischief against the Hindus of India, to crucify them on the altar of Jehad. You can be absolutely sure that the Jehadi-Graduates of these Madrassas, are well-trained to conduct their perpetual Jehadic-War against the Kafirs, Hindus included. To them, a person’s biggest crime is to deny Allah, and Mohammad’s Exclusive right to be believed in and adored. Note the consequences of these Hindu-Subsidies to the Sullas carefully, make absolutely no mistake about them.

These Sullas are fully determined to establish the Allah-Ordained supremacy of Islam in India.

Is bigger proof needed to assert that, by perverse actions of supporting the Sullas financially ( and depriving the Hindu financially), we are sending the wrong signals, and assisting the Sullas to do their dirty work against the Hindu, we are helping the Sullas to have the choicest sex with 72 houris, who are available to the Sullas free of charge in Janat (Moslem’s Paradise)? If these actions of some of our Hindus, are not the actions of traitors, then what the hell are they? It is because of such perverse wayward actions on the part of some Hindus amongst us (and their toleration by the rest of the Hindu-Community), that I have expressly-declared in my previous articles that:

85% of the problems of  Hindus are due to the actions of Hindus themselves.

My friend, Shri Baljit Rai of Chandigarh says that:

80% of the problems of Hindus are due to the actions of Hindus themselves.

5. At this very time, many church and mosque-based schools are coming up in South-India, especially in the Karnatka area. Hindus are patronising these schools, many students in these schools are Hindus. You might ask yourself what kind of graduates, these Hindu students are going to make.

Answer: Some of the Hindu Graduates of these Sulla and Kharista schools, are going to make common cause with the Sullas and Kharistas. They would be brain-washed in the Islamic and Christian values, they would also have bought the medieval ethical values (in reality barbaric values) of Islam and Christianity.

6. Did you notice something strange here? The Christian-Missionaries have banned the opening up of any Non-Christian school in Nagaland, but we Hindus are not only allowing the free-opening of Christian and Moslem schools in Karnatka, but are patronizing them. A Hindu has to convert to Christianity to get any education in Christian schools of Nagaland. Hindu Nagas are being openly denied the basic human right, the right of basic education, inside the Christian state of Nagaland.

The un-questionable purpose of these discriminatory actions is to facilitate the mass conversion of Hindu-Nagas to Christianity. The Bishops of Nagaland and the Bishops from all over India, are spending vast sums of money, for lobbying to get the Indian Parliament to pass a law, to deprive the Real Dalits of Special-Benefits that they presently have. These Bishops are also expending huge amounts of money, to get a law enacted, to provide the same Special-Benefits to the Christian-Dalits.

7. All these actions are designed not only to facilitate mass conversion of Hindus, Hindu-Nagas and Hindu-Dalits to Christianity, but also to manufacture a huge Christian Dalit-Voting block inside the Lok-Sabha and State-Legislatures. By cornering votes in this fashion, the Bishops shall rule the whole of India. Because many Hindu-Politicians are collaborating with our Christian-Adversaries in this nefarious effort, this is a disturbing pattern, does this not establish an in-controvertible evidence that, these Hindu-Politicians are functioning  as the sworn-enemies of Hinduism. No Hindu worth his salt, should be able to stomach such treasonous actions.

Because the Hindu Graduates of the Islamic and Christian schools of Karnatka (and of elsewhere) shall have a soft attitude towards Islam and Christianity, they shall be inclined to tolerate the barbarism of Islam and Christianity. It is a safe bet that many amongst them shall be Phoney-Liberal Hindus, the same kind that votes Haj-Subsidy and Mullah-Salaries. They shall be willing to ignore the crimes that, both Islam and Christianity have committed against humanity, including the wicked-truth that the most-holy books of these barbaric religions (barbaric-ideologies) contain the most un-holy edicts, also the fundamental Islamic-Doctrine that no matter how wicked the Moslem is, he shall go to Janat (Moslem’s Paradise), if he kills Kafirs ( people belonging to religions other than their own, other than Islam or Christianity).

Islam regards murder, rape, pillage and plunder of Non-Moslems, as the loftiest virtues, and a sure guarantee of Janat (Moslem’s Paradise). The Phoney-Liberal Hindus, graduating out of Moslem and Christian schools, shall disregard/ignore the lack of morality in, and the utter non-sense that exists in the world of Islam.

8. Are these the types of Hindus (the Phoney-Liberal Hindus ) that we need, the Hindus who are doing the rest of us Hindus in? I think not. We need Hindus who are aware of the mortal dangers to Hinduism, who are prepared to defend Hinduism, who are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Let me lay naked the truth:

That we are in mortal danger of Islam and Christianity, is an understatement. If we Hindus do not take strong counteractive action now, then the day may not be far off, when Hinduism shall be eased out of India, completely.

9. Hindus Of The World: Do not fail to notice this that:
Both Islam and Christianity are conducting war against our Bharat Varsha.
At this very moment, the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh is openly conducting an undeclared war against us Hindus, by infiltrating millions of illegal Bangladeshis into India, swelling the army of Islam in India to destroy our Hinduism.

The Christians of North-East India are conducting, underground attack against our Hindus and our Hindu-Tribals, they launch regular raids and assaults against our Hindus and our Hindu-Tribals, they are openly telling our Hindu-Tribals, that this is a Christian-State, and they either have to convert to Christianity or leave the state, otherwise they shall be eliminated. The amount of bulk-carnage that both these barbarians (Moslems and Christians), are bringing on us Hindus, is beyond anybody’s comprehension or calculation. And strange enough, we Hindus continue to tolerate all these massive raids and insults, that are being launched against us in broad-daylight.

10. Hindus of the World: Understand this carefully:
The Moslem regards fighting in the way of Allah, as a mark of honor and manliness, and robbing, pillaging and plundering, and murdering of Kafirs (Infidels) is a compulsive trait of the Holy-Warriors of Islam.

And what is the way of Allah? Simply stated, it is the killing of Kafirs ( Infidels).

And who are Kafirs? Those who deny Mohammad and Allah, and do not accept their exclusive right to be believed in, and adored.

The Moslem does not regard these dastardly acts as acts of impiety, he regards these dastardly and disgusting acts as noble deeds, that lie well within the jurisdiction of the morality, as understood by the religion of Islam. He feels that by doing things of this sort, he is being a Lover Of Allah, and is hastening his journey to Janat (Moslem’s Paradise), where all kinds of gorgeous Houris (72 in all) are waiting to provide him the choicest sex, and satisfy his wildest sexual fantasies. The Moslem regards Janat as the place of his luxury, he can hardly wait to go in for Luxury-Consumption, he can hardly wait to meet with the gorgeous virgins (Houris) and the tender young boys, that are available to him in Janat, free of any cost whatsoever to him.

11. By not understanding the real nature of Islam, are we Hindus not acting like Village-Idiots? Have we not gotten it backward that, instead of sending these barbarians packing and exporting them to Arabia (from where they came), we are patronizing them, feeding them and fattening them, and assisting them in destroying us?

Our stupidity is sure taking strange shapes and mysterious ways. Have we Hindus gone mad, do we have some kind of sub-conscious death-wish?

The Sullas have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindu Brothers, they have demolished 63,000 plus of our sacred Hindu Shrines, they have burned millions of our books of knowledge, the knowledge that took the Hindus thousands of years of effort, experimentation, and experience to acquire. The Sullas have destroyed our knowledge base, by burning millions of our books of knowledge, the Sullas sure have sent us to stone-age.  How much more death and destruction at the hands of Sullas do we Hindus need, before we come to our senses?

Any Hindu who does not understand the barbarism of Islam, or draw appropriate conclusion from our experience of 1200 years, with the Soldiers of Allah and Mohammad, is either a Simple-Simon or an April-Fool.

12. If we Hindus know what is good for us, then we must not act like village-idiots, and dive into the depths of doom and gloom. We must not be silent, nor apologetic, while we Hindus are being victimized. Instead we Hindus must confront both Islam and Christianity head-on. The challenges to Hinduism, from both Islam and Christianity, are not subsiding, the peak has yet to come. All things point to something worse, two to three years down the road. During this time, we Hindus must get our act together, to ensure that Hindu-Dharma, which is the highest expression of civilization, is defended with the full might of the Hindu, and given the respect that it deserves.

13. Is any Hindu thinking of boycotting these Sulla and Kharista educational institutions, and other Sulla-Businesses and Enterprises, or ceasing and desisting from hiring Sulla-Employees?

I doubt it. I have proposed and I highly recommend the extensive use of the Boycott-Technique, this Boycott-Technique can totally eliminate both Islam and Christianity from India, without spilling a single drop of blood. We Hindus will be insane not to use this powerful technique. We should implement the usage of this powerful technique, with the highest level of effort.

14. To repeat: The stupid Anti-Hindu actions, done by some Hindus are taking us Hindus to our burial-chamber. We Hindus need to learn fast, we need to avoid our mistakes of the past, and draw appropriate conclusions from our experience with the barbaric ideologies of Islam and Christianity, for a period of over 1200 years. We need to adapt to new circumstances, we must not compromise the strength and survival of our Hinduism. Instead of patronizing the Sulla and Kharista educational and other institutions, and hiring the Sullas as our employees, we need to confront the challenge of Islam and Christianity head-on.

  15. We Hindus do not have to declare our war, our undeclared-war does not have to be visible, but its effects and results must be visible. We Hindus must join hands, get ourselves ready, and chase the enemies of Hinduism, back to their own dens and fox-lairs, from whence they came. We should not stop chasing them, until they are completely out of India. Period.

Remember:  We have no need of merciless-barbarians of Islam and Christians inside our India, who live by the standards of medieval-barbarism. Their identities are not concealed, we know who they are, we are fully aware of what kind of Jerks and Rake-Hell Punks they are, we have had a bitter taste of life under their barbaric rule, for 1200 plus years.

Arise Hindus!

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    Mr. Attri is right in saying that Hindus are responsible for their sorry state. During the talk show on 2008 Bomb Blasts at Karol Bagh, New Delhi at NDTV I used harsh words about the incident. The Congress MP Rashid Alvi was also present there. He threatened to leave. Upon this the anchor, Mr. Pachauri, who is now the Press advisor to the Prime Minister of India asked me to be quiet. A girl, perhaps the floor manager of NDTV also asked me not to shout. I was silenced. The said anchor has been rewarded for his services. There are a thousand such examples which prove that Hindus betray for petty gains. They pose to be secular because secularism pays. They get jobs as journalists only when they abuse Hindus and Hinduism. Abusing Hinduis proves their secularism. Therefore so-called Hindu intellectuals are self-seekers and cowards. They do not have the courage to speak for themselves even though they have been dishonoured thousands of times in history. Human rights organisations exist only for non-Hindus. They all start howling when a non-Hindu is affected. But when Hindus are thrown out or killed in their own country like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Hindu journalists take a fence-sitters’ stand and do not speak or speak against it with caution so that their own image of being secular is not compromised. They are vocal when non-Hindus are affected but fall silent when Hindus are the sufferers.

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