1st of May 2010 “Attempt of blasting the New York Times Square”! Another terrorism intention, Another Muslim terrorist and another warning to the world peace. Salutes to the Islamic terrorism industry. They produce the terrorists and suicide bombers much faster than the prostitutes change men. That is why I think that in reality there is no difference between the Islamic radicals and the prostitutes, or somehow the prostitutes are better human than the Islamic fanatics and terrorists.

The attack was organized by a Pakistani but the point to emphasize is that he was a Muslim. Like thousands of other terrorist attacks another implication of Muslims. I am sure that he was not alone to plan the destruction of thousand of human lives in the New York Times Square, but there must be a whole Islamic terrorist network behind him.

Just improving the internal security of western countries will never bring a drastically change in the situation. The Muslim terrorists will always find some new and modern ways to penetrate the western security.

The solution is also not organizing some diplomatic meetings with The Islamic countries on the topic of Terrorism as they listen to us from right ear and throw that out from the left ear.

The only solution to eliminate the Islamic terrorism completely from this earth is to eliminate the name of Islam from this world. Now the time for the revolution has come when we have to take some clear actions against Islamic terrorism for saving the peace of our world.

Thank you very much
Imran Firasat (Spain)
A proud ex Muslim

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