1. It is saddening & maddening to notice the screaming & shrieking flowing out of some Moslems on the Internet material tendered by Hindu authors. These Moslems, who do not identify their names, are awful sore at the exposition of “Islam In Action” by the Hindu writers, which they dislike & desire instead that we accept their slanted interpretations of Koran & Islam.

2. These Moslems are barking at the wrong tree; their argument is not with the Hindu writers but is with the gospel writers of Koran & Hadis, & with the dope-sheets of FATWA writers that are in the midst of Islam’s mad frenzy & are the cause of its rotten record & colossal slaughter of history. Hiding behind the moth-eaten Moslem technique of denying & deprecating what they don’t like, they are trying to create a miasma of deception, forgetting that this does not make the grizzly misdeeds of Islam go away. As Aldous Huxley says, “Facts don’t go away…by denying or deprecating.”

3. Masquerading Islam as a cult of peace, these Moslems claim that Mohammad was just a prophet, nothing more. This is ridiculously false. Mohammad was much more; he was the architect of an X-rated system of Holy Devils, created by him with unparalleled incentives for access to the seductive splendor of Allah’s Heaven, which as described by Mohammad for his Moslem followers is too great an attraction for them to pass by. Which Moslem would not be willing to dance on a boiling volcano to gain access to the splendidly lavish Heaven of Allah, populated by seventy-two houries for each Moslem & access to plenty of free sex of unlimited number of Kafir concubines plus upto four wives, on earth? No one can allege that Mohammad did not take care of the physical & material comforts of his sex-hungry Moslem followers or that he was just a prophet

4. Ascribing all kinds of virtuous conduct to Mohammad, they claim that everything that Mohammad says is about Allah (God) & how to please Allah. Even if this statement is accepted at face value, to give them the benefit of doubt, it becomes obvious atonce that Mohammad went about it in strange ways to please his Merciful & Compassionate Allah…whose compassion brings about the consummate slaughter & colossal calamity upon non-Moslem Kafirs & Mohammad entices his followers to chase this debauchery with glee. Bereft of any moral compunction or virtue, Mohammad, the prophet, is the villain who has master-minded the unparalleled butchery of non-Moslems for centuries to earn the sexual salvation of his sex-hungry, lecherous Moslems.

5. It is a pity these Moslems cannot see the transparent hypocrisy and hollowness of Islam’s ostentations of peace, compassion, & brotherhood & fail to realize that they are acting as the willing tools of Islam’s horrid cruelties, its unholy ambitions & sinister designs, designs that are thoroughly seduced by evil & clearly exhibited by Mohammad’s method of attaining Islamic Heaven for his Moslem Millat by making life Hell for non- Moslem Kafirs.

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