Gandhi in AID of Muslim killers of Kolkata Hindus


          As a result of Direct Action from 16th August 1946, announced by Mr. Jinnah and Muslim League for creation fo Pakistan, about 20 thousand Hindus were butchered in just two days at Kolkata alone, and 15 thousand were wounded. At that time there was Muslim League government in Bengal, headed by Suhrawardy as Chief Minister. Mr. Suhrawardy established himself in the Control Room of the police Chief. For two days the police watched, not firing a single round. General Butcher the Army Commander, reported to Lord Wavell, who visited Calcutta on Suhrawardy’s completely communal attitude.”(see page 123-24, Rajaji Story.)

    As already mentioned, Gandhi had deputed Rajaji as Governor of West Bengal to ensure safely of those very Muslims, who had butchered Kolkota Hindus. But Gandhi was not satisfied, and himself reached Kolkata. “To Suhrawardy__ the Mahatama suggested that they live together. __ Suhrawardy agreed. Nearly 200 Hindus demonstrators shouted ‘Go back Gandhi’s as he approached a Belliaghata house, made available to him. “see Rajaji Story p-143).

        “At Kolkata, soon after 15th August” speaking before Muslim Chamber of Commerce, Rajaji made a personal pledge ‘whatever may be my defects or lapses, let me assure you, that I shall never disfigure my life with any deliberate act of injustice to any community whatsoever.” Less than three weeks after independence, there was retaliation in Kolkata against the Muslims, in which some Muslims were killed. As usual, Gandhi made all nonsense shouting against it. “Angry Hindus invaded Gandhi’s residence and accused him of overlooking, what Hindus suffered. A brick and a lathi hurled at him just missed their target. The Mahatma’s attempt to quite the crowd failed. His response was … the announcement of fast. “(see page 148)

               “On the fourth day of the fast, the entire police force in North Calcutta, numbering about 500, and including British and Anglo Indian officers, started 24 house sympathetic fast, while remaining on duty… Late that evening, Rajaji, Kripalani, Suhrawardy and Ghosh told Gandhi, that peace had . While they were conferring, Ram Manohar Lohia the socialist leader led five young men into the room, who confessed their complicity and surrendered arms…at 9.15 pm. He (Gandhi) broke fast…”(page 149 Rajaji Story). This is just to show, how prompt Gandhi was to take care of the Muslims, although the y were criminals and how eager were Gandhi’s followers to satisfy his fallacies.

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