It’s sad to give all of you the news of yet another terrorist attack in India. A terrorist named as Zakir Naik, who is well known Osama supporter and firm believer of death for apostasy, has again attacked the peaceful citizens of India. As seen in photo, he is openly hurting sentiments of Crores of devotees of Lord Ganesha all over the world by insulting Him. He chose the day of Ganesh Chaturthi for this cowardly act. He has done this before too when at many places, he was found to spread hatred against idolaters constituting majority of India and World calling them sinners and future hell dwellers.


We see a well planned conspiracy by fanatic quarters to disturb peace and harmony to incite religious and sectarian violence all across the country. Recent riots in Assam, Bareily, Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Mumbai and at various other places in India point to the same. Inflaming religious sentiments of others on their festival makes it crystal clear that Zakir Naik and his organization are primary culprits for causing turmoil we all witnessed in recent past and he has no plans to stop here. Such fanatics thrive on instigating fanatic elements within their own community and spewing venom on other communities. He wants to take more lives and he would not stop before the day when all Indians become slaves to his Wahabi Masters back home in Arabian deserts. It’s high time that peaceful Indians- all Hindus and Muslims stand up against this terrorist and file official complaint against him.

Say no to Terrorists. Bharat Mata Ki Jai..

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  1. dipak says:

    India is a “secular democracy”. Hence we can’t have Vande mataram as national anthem as Muslims oppose itI..Is it a Muslim country?.We allow Muslims to multiply in India who have already taken a part of India, now called Pakistan,We allow them to come to India illegally and give them citizenship.We give them money to go Saudi Arabia. It is a dream country for them. More they demand, more they get.

  2. George says:

    One cartoon with pig is enough to shake this blind extremist religious belief.

  3. Ramesh says:

    In the same way, did your Bhagawan put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and not recognize that Adam was not going to obey him. Why didn’t he know that they would be lured by Satan? How come your god did not protect them from Satan?
    There are too many foolish things to point out in Islam.
    At least our God has the freedom to remember and forget. He has not one son but billions of sons. Your god does not have the freedom. He is stuck.

  4. Ishwar Das says:

    Zakir Niak shows time and time again that this man is nothing but a liar with an agenda. The Puran are historic stories that all have deeper meaning when one spends the time to understand them more clearly. You need a guru to explain these things. This is why Vedas should not be open to all as they are complex and cannot be abused like the way Niak and his raksash followers are doing. Now about Lord Ganesh. This is a leela performed by God himself and the message is much deeper then Niak can understand. Here the leela is that every son should respect and obey his mother until death. His head is symbolic reminder of how each and every son should respect his mother. Using the head of the elephant also shows to have compassion for God creation and to show respect for animals. Mahadev Parvati Ganesh etc… are all God performing this leela. All the Puran are just leela performed by God so mankind understands the message. So to question why Bhagwan Shiva cut the head off etc… is not knowingly. He is only performing the leela with all knowing. He is all knowing. There is nothing he doesnt know. He is God himself. So to make sure statements like Niak does is absolutely idiotic. Those who follow him and continue to remain in darkness will only suffer in life. Vedic religion is the oldest and most scientific and all puran and scriptures all have much deeper meaning when one studies them. I welcome your comments or mail me directly Here is a play list of videos I made exposing Niak

    Pranam – Ishwar Das

  5. Hindu says:

    Zakir naik is HARAM in Islam

  6. Daniel Ganulu says:

    The Hindu were upset of a statement Zakir Naik made during a debate with a Hindu that had offended them.He is just another eloquent speaker and celebrity preacher which usually does not add much to existing body of knowledge.

    It is quite the usual exchanges in an inter-faith debate about religion is right but your’s is wrong. The Muslims seemed to feel nothing wrong with that, but when something is said about Islam, they can be equally emotional.

    Keling being Keling, they can dished out but lack patience and tend to be emotional and easily agitated when are dished back. They now using this as an excuse to take their dispute .

    Anyway wattaheck, lets not be hypocritical. All religion bitch about other religion. It is not the ideal thing to do but it happens all the time, in the open or behind close door. Muslims say something about Christian’s trinity and Christians make remarks about Allah moon god and Prophet Muhammad having many wives including a child.

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