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The proposed Beef Festival in JNU is going to be an assault on Hindu sentiments. This is exactly on the same lines as the one held at Osmania University in Bhagyanagar (imperialist name : Hyderabad), Andhra Pradesh.

 When JNU was set up most of the faculty members were card holders of CPI – a party which was assembled in a foreign country. When CPI was manufactured on foreign soil the country was struggling for freedom. CPI leaders were told to frame their policies in such a way as to help the Soviet Union in its global strategy. The CPI leadership agreed to do so thus surrendering the freedom of the working classes of India to the interests of the Soviet Union. They were dubbed as `komnasht’ (destroyers of the country) – an odious appellation which they live upto even to this day. They surrendered the freedom of the Indian working classes even before they had gained it under the leadership of Mahatama Gandhi.

  Intellectuals with such a background were handpicked by the Communist leadership under the patronage of the Congress and the powers that be. Even those who had the minimum qualifications were appointed and given the best of facilities.These were political appointments. It was a heaven on earth for them. The verdant greens around the campus and the quiet atmosphere was considered to give the intellectuals enough freedom and peace to do research work and take forward the frontiers of knowledge.

 But nothing associated with the name of Jawahar Lal Nehru can be good to the country because the man himself promoted all kinds of corruption. It must degenerate.

 The intellectual leadership of the university has always been with the leftists of all shades. They consider it necessary to prove themselves as secular. The best and the shortest way to prove themselves as secular is to hurt Hindu sentiments. Nothing is better than holding a beef festival to do so. The intention of the elements who are organising it is to hurt and not to express their freedom to eat anything they like. They are just living on the freedom which they have received in charity from the Hindu society. They do not have the courage to hold a Pork Festival. If they want to express their freedom to eat anything they like they should also declare a Pork Festival. But they will not do so even though pork is cheaper than beef and is more easily availble. It is also tasty.

 What troubles an ordinary Indian is that how can the government allow such a festival to be held in India. It may cause law and order problem. Tacit approval of the Government or the Congress party seems to be there who are all out to prove that they are more secular than the secularists themselves.

 JNU is proving to be a seat of lumpen elements who live on public money without making any contribution to the society. What do they give back to the society on which they live like parasites? It is high time to think and reshape JNU or close it because it has become a hub of disruptive elements.

 Anyone who wants to escape the rule of law pins the badge of `Secularism’ to his Terrorist Cap. They escape the law by their nefarious alignment with the Congress and anti-Hindu forces.

 A.L.Rawal, Associate Professor, DCAC, University of Delhi

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