TIME magazine has recently published the photograph of Aamir Khan, the famous actor, on its cover page and presented him as a crusader for social reforms.

In fact this has been happening since times immemorial. Bad customs among Hindus are picked up and Hindus are always shown in bad light. Muslim intellectuals do not have the courage to point out that when a father-in-law rapes his own daughter-in-law she becomes his wife and her original husband becomes her son. They do not have the courage to point out at the reason behind it. Lord Budha said that there is a cause behind an effect. But Muslim intellectuals do not have the courage to point out the cause. They peep into the holes of others while covering their holes with great diligence.

A Seminar on Guru Granth Sahib was held at S.G.T.B.Khalsa College, Dev Nagar, New Delhi 110005 in 2009 or 2010. I attended the seminar. The Head of the Department of History, University of Delhi, a Marxist Mulla, was the Chief Guest. He said what he wanted to say about the Guru Granth Sahib. The office bearers of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Committee were also present there.

Such seminars are held to discuss and revaluate the religious books of other religions but not the religious texts of Islam. An exhibition of the calligraphy of Holy Quoran was also held at National Archives of India recently in New Delhi. The same Marxist Mulla, the Head of the Department of History, Delhi University was prestnt there also. I wrote an article about it in Abhay Bharat, the monthly journal of Mr. B.L.Shamra Prem saying that such Marxist Mullas do not have the courage to talk about their own religious practices and texts. They always poke their long noses into the religious affairs and practises of others especially Hindus because Hindu intellectuals take everything lying down and do not protest. Some of them are also agents of Arabian imperialism. They get rewarded for their services to Arabian imperialists like the Anchor of NDTV was appointed as the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh. He had asked me to keep quiet when I used harsh words in connection with Bomb Blasts in Delhi in 2008 during a talk show. Rashid Alvi, the Congress MP threatened to leave. He said that the show would end before it began. Upon this the Anchor Mr. Pachauri and another girl, the floor manager of NDTV, also asked me `Do not shout’. Such lumpen Hindu intellectuals are a curse upon Hindus and Hindu society.

Bad practises in Hindu society have always been removed in a non-violent way. When the Constitution of India was framed Hindus had the right and practise to marry more than one wife. Dashrath had four wives, many others also had more than one wife. But Hindus gave up this practise because Hindu society is a progressive society. It is not a static society which lives in the past and looks to the future. It lives in the present and always moves with the times. The following quotation from “The Men Who Ruled India” by Philip Mason, (Time Books International, New Delhi, Reprint, 1987) would prove it:

“In Kathiawar Duncan (Jonathan Duncan, Governor of Bombay) found that the custom of killing daughters was as general among certain castes as it had been near Benares. The reason was the same; women of the higher Rajput castes cannot marry into a lower sub-caste nor within their own; there are few marriages they can make and for these a substantial dowry is needed, while to be single is to be unchaste and a disgrace. Disgrace or expense, one or the other, is on the way when a daughter is born and to a Rajput death is better than disgrace. So the child is destroyed soon after birth.” (page 105)

Such criticism of Hindu sciety is welcome because it is meant with the purpose of ameliorating Hindu society. Unless Hindus get rid of their evil social habits they will not be able to move ahead. But what is shocking is that scholars of other religions, especially Muslim, do not reform their own society. They are too terrified to do so.

Javed Akhtar, a Congress MP, said on NDTV that Amitabh Bachchan should not become the brand Ambassador of Gujarat Tourism because of Gujarat Riots of 2002. But he himself became an MP of Congress which killed 3500 Sikhs in Delhi and North India. The then PM Rajiv Gandhi justified the massacre by saying that when a big treee falls the earth around it shakes. Such double-talk and double-think of Muslim intellectuals is their way and style of behaving. It should be exposed and Hindu intellectuals have to gather enough courage to do so. Very few Hindu intellectuals do so.

A.L.Rawal is Associate Professor,

DCAC, University of Delhi.

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