Mughal Atrocities on Kashmiris


Akbar the imperialist, wrongly called as Akbar the Great by Marxist lumpen and `secular'(?) intellectuals grabbed Kashmir by force and fraud. He invited the Sultan of Kashmir by using the friendly relations of a Rajput King with him and inveigled him. He was packed off to Burdwan and thus Kashmir became a part of Mughal India.

In order to the break down the martial spirit of Kashmiris he ordered them to wear long, heavy, woolen robes and carry burning coal under their garments. This was done purposely to prevent them from carrying arms under their robes. This one fell act of the imperialist, encroacher Mughal reduced the fighting spirit of the Kashmiris and made them weak. The Hindus and Muslims were asked to make their clothes look distinct so that his soldiers could recognise them from a distance.

Akbar also grabbed the land of Kashmiri peasants and converted it into Khalsa lands which means the entire cultivable land belonged to the Emperor. The Kashmiri farmers became tillers of the soil. They lost interest in tilling and became restless and defenseless.

Jahangir, the son of Akbar, was so enamored of Kashmir that he used to go there every six months. He was ready to give away his whole kingdom but not Kashmir. His generals abducted or bought Kashmiri women because they wanted their children to have a fair complexion. Thus the honour of Kashmiri women was also attacked under the fascist Mughals. The Sultans of Kashmir had been tying the Pandits of Kashmir in grass and drowning them in Dal Lake till the Mughals grabbed it. Now it was the turn of the Mughals to commit the same atrocities upon them. `Rajtarangini’ of Kalhana gives graphic and touching description of the atrocities committed on Kashmiri Pandits and later.

The modern-day Mughals of Kashmir, the Kashmiri leaders who are heading the separatist movement are no better. They send their own children to foreign countries to study and build their career, but they give Rs.500/ each to Kashmiri boys to throw stones at the police. A seminar on Kashmir and other North-Eastern states was held at India International Center on August 13-14, 2010. I said there that Kashmiri leaders hire Kashmiri boys and misguide them to make their own political future safe. The people of Kashmir should now see for themselves as to who is responsible for their misery. It is certainly not the Hindus who are a peaceful and peace-loving people. They believe in live and let live. They are not intolerant as people of other religions, including Buddhism, are. A small of minority of Hindus who had been living in Bhutan for the last 400 years were thrown out on the pretext of `one country, one people’ in 1980s. No secular hypocrite has raised any voice against this atrocity. No Setalvad, No Amnesty International, No Arundhati Roy has raised her little finger against this atrocity committed in the name of religion. Hindus of Bhutan had been taken to that country by the British for development work as Tamil Hindus of Tamil Nadu were taken to Sri Lanka for tea plantation. Both share the same fate because Hindus of Hindusthan are not united under one political party and are suffering in the land which is named after them. What a great irony and tragedy !!!

A.L.Rawal is a Associate Professor,
DCAC, University of Delhi.
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