The Sun never sets on the British Empire’ they claimed proudly. Indeed ! the sun never set on the British plunder of the world. The British plundered the whole world in broad day light and bright sun-shine. It is these plundered countries which got together to form the Commonwealth. The common wealth of all these countries is their past slavery under British and the fact that they were all sucked by by the White Sahib from a tiny island thousands of miles away. Brown or Black Sahibs replaced these White Sahibs when the latter were forced out of one country after another.

Mrs. Margret Thatcher, the British P.M. said in an interview with the BBC recently that the Commonwealth meet is the only international meet where `there are no translators’, where every one speaks the same language. How true indeed ! It is a meet of the Brown, the Black and the White Englishmen/Englishwomen who speak the same language.

Had all the problems of the word been solved in such meetings, then they would have been solved many times over by now. member countries of the Commonwealth are in amy cases at daggers drawn with each other. Didn’t the govt. of Sri Lanka send an SOS to the US, UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh for aid in the even of an Indian invasion? Didn’t President Jayawardene rebuff India’s efforts to solve the problem by saying “India has no role to play?”

Our relations with Bangaldesh are not friendly either. The new Moore Island issue between the two countries some time back, the continued infiltration of Bangladeshi refugees into Assam and West Bengal and President Ershad’s refusal to accept them back, the plea for fencing of the border by India what not been kindly received by Bangladesh – all these have strained the relations between the two countries. President Ershad said in an interview over the Delhi Door Darshan on the 26th of ovember, 1983 that relations between the two countries are `good’. But one could feel the tension underneath such an expression.

Grenada has been invaded. And the patron of Britain – the US – has led this invasion with the help of other Caribbean island states on the ridiculous pretext that Grenada posed a threat to peace in the region. Can the commonwealth do anything to get the invasion vacated? It is doubtful whether the US troops shall leave within eight months as promised.

The British still continue to occupy territories of other member countries like Mauritius. Diego Garcia, which is an integral part of Mauritius, is an integral part of Mauritius, is under the U.S, U.K. occupation. It has been in fact turned into an military fortress in the Indian Ocean. Similarly, Falklands is still under British occupation.

Namibia is another example that soaringly tells us of the hypocrisy of Britain and other white nations.they pay lip service to the cause of Namibian freedom but overtly and covertly support the racist regime of South Africa. Mauritius too has trade relations with South Africa.

Although the Commonwealth countries have met several times since the inception of this institution, yet the virginity of Indian women entering Britain is tested. Racial riots till continue to haunt the Southall area where Asian live in large numbers. Indian treasures like the Kohinoor still continue to remain in British possession. If Iraq can demand the Code of Hammurabi from France whey can’t we demand the Kohinoor and other Indian valuables from Britain. Goods from Commonwealth are not preferred over imports from the EEC countries.

The Commonwealth was instituted to absorb the backlash of nationalism after gradual withdrawal by Britain from different countries. It was meant to sweeten the bitter memories of the past under British rule. The Commonwealth is primarily doing this and not much more than that.

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    Sir, Thanks for publishing my article on Commonwealth. It was published in `Indian and World Events’ in 1983. Therefore the references to the events may look old and odd. But the facts are still relevant. We have not been able to make any use of the Commonwealth. The Games of 2010 held in New Delhi in the name of Commonwelath have already done much damage to the sports world. They were an event of scams and scamsters. What is common in commonwealth countries is also massive corruption prevalent everywhere in Commonwealth countries. Rights of Hindus are still mutilated but their human rights organisation like Amnestry International wakes up only when human rights of non-Hindus are violated. Therefore it is time for HIndus to have their own human rights organisations so that their voice is heard. India’s voice is not heard in human rights organisations because it is not Hindus Voice.

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