1. Hindus, by and large, are and have been for centuries, passivist and have opted for maintaining the Status Quo. This defensive attitude is maintained even when the barbarians are at our gates, if not at our throats, and their threat stares us starkly and squarely in our face. We do not think in terms of exterminating the barbarian scum and pursuing him over the land from whence he came. This particular Vedic Approach of courage and conviction is viewed as a High-Cost Venture and a High-Risk procedure. Instead we opt for Less-Risky and Low-Cost methods and start harboring notions of “winning the heart of the plunderer and the invader” to avoid blood-shed and to change the attitude of the invader. Fighting must be avoided and war must be used only a last resort, other options must be tried before that. This has been our basic approach for quite a while, and attempts to win the heart of the barbarian invader have not been abandoned, even after a thousand years of futile efforts to win the heart of the plunderer, and inspite of  the resulting slaughter of hundreds of millions of our Hindu people, conversion of millions of Hindus to Islam and Christianity, and the destruction of 63,000 plus of our sacred Hindu Temples.

2. It needs to be understood explicitly and clearly that this passive/defensive approach is nothing less than an open invitation to all the barbarins that “Any nation that wishes to wipe us out is advised that we will sign a Panch Sheel Agreement with them.” This passive approach is also announced by that famous symbol of: Monkey no see, Monkey no hear, Monkey no act. From this passive approach, it would appear that Assured Annhilation or Assured Slavery is much more acceptable to most of us Hindus, especially to our Brown Sahibs (The Phony-Liberal Hindus) than fighting back for our dignity and self-respect?

One can logically pose himself a simple question: How long will it take our Hindus to discern the consequences of this disastrous pacifist approach and grasp the reality of Islam and Christianity and of their ruthless campaigns of limitless atrocities on the Hindus for centuries in India? How long? How long?

3. Here is a re-play of the same-old, die-hard “winning the heart of the plunderer” technique in our own times. Notice the  same-old “winning the heart of the plunderer” attitude held by our great Shankaracharyas, one of whom asked only a few days ago and then provided his own pet answer as follows:

” Can terrorism be combated through spirituality? What’s the point of combating terrorism?” Shankaracharya’s Answer: We’ve got to change the heart of the aatankwaadi (terrorist). And that can only be done by religious leaders, not by politicians,” elucidated the great Shankaracharya. So, what’s Shankaracharya’s own plan of action? Answer: He and other Hindu religious leaders propose to go on a peace walk to propagate their message of peace.

Another great Shankaracharya advises us that we should not associate terrorism with Islam.

4. Are these Shankaracharys coming to us from another planet? Which turnip truck did they fall off from? Haven’t we Hindus been shattered, tattered, and battered enough in the last 1400 years at the hands of the Moslems and the Christians? What the hell is wrong with our Shankaracharyas? The statements, questions and answers coming out of our great Shankaracharyas, should be a matter of the greatest shame and concern to all of us Hindus. Does cutting off peoples’s heads and sticking them at the end of a stick (as the Moslems were doing to our Hindu heads in 1947 in West Panjab) and strutting around to the applause from fellow Muslims sound terrorist or moral to these Shankaracharyas? DOES THE WORD CRUSADES OR JEHAD MEAN ANYTHING AT ALL TO THESE SHANKARACHARYAS?

5. The honest truth is “these Shankaracharyas don’t know what the hell they are talking about and in the process of talking, are generating more fog than light.” The enormity of their ignorance of Indian History and of Hindu’s experience with Islamic Havoc in the history of India, is mind-boggling.

Whether the Shankaracharyas realise or not, they end up Lowering the Hindu Guard and Blurring the distinction between morality and barbarism; their statements result in Trivializing the deaths of hundreds of millions of our innocent Hindus at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Instead of confronting the Islamic barbarism/fundamentalism, which is what they should be doing, our Shankaracharys instead are refusing to acknowledge or face it, and are unable to understand the gravity of the Hindu Situation. It appears the Shankaracharyas have not lost any relative or friend to a Muslim terrorist otherwise they wouldn’t be making such shameful, shocking, and senseless statements.

6. The reality that exists in the world is simply this that  religions of Islam and Christianity, have ADAPTED themselves to terrorizing, tricking, bribing, scaring and harassing people into joining their faith. In their quest to take their faith through the Four Corners of the world, the Muslims and Christians have done EXPONENTIALLY more harm to man than they did any good. This is the honest truth, without any attempt to overstate the issue. Another strong reality is also the honest truth that  Islamic and Christian tactics of spreading their faith by tricking, torturing, and terrorizing etc etc must stop, and both Islam and Christianity must learn to extend respect to other faiths otherwise, you can take it from me, there isn’t going to be any peace in this world. You can bet your bottom dollar on this assertion. Period!

7.  However, Shankaracharyas are not the only ones who belong on the Funny Farm. Many of our Hindus indulge in fanciful forecasts and optimistically state that Hindus are going to win in the Long Run, without bothering to check the basis of their headlong optimism and without asking themselves how this is going to happen and also what is  going to happen to them (the Hindus) in the Short Run. It does not even occur to them at all that Hindus could be wiped out in the Short Run, if we Hindus don’t gear up and get our act together. If annihilated earlier, there isn’t going to be any Long Term at all for us Hindus. Period!

It does not even occur to our Optimist Hindus  that at this time, ethnic cleansing of Hindus is going on at full swing on both sides of the Indian border  (in NaPakistan and in Bangladesh) and even inside India itself, at several places. The Burqua Curtain is engulfing more and more Hindus, right and left. Hindu Sadhus and Sadhvis are attacked, assaulted,  robbed, and raped all the time in many states of India. The Brown Sahibs (The Phony-Liberal Hindus) amongst us Hindus never express any anger or outrage at these shameful, shocking events. In fact, these events are so common that the Brown Sahibs most likely have lost all sensitivity to the assaults on these Hindus whom the Brown Sahibs cynically label as the Superstitious Hindus ( the Sadhus and Sadhvis). Yet when Christian Missionaries are attacked by somebody, even by criminals, it creates a sensation and anti-Hindu storm takes off immediately. It is never suspected or questioned that the conversion activities of the Missionaries could be fraudulent and that could provide provocation for the attacks on them. Such questioning is not considered “politically correct.”

8. When reminded about the mortal threat from Islam and Christianity, Hindus in the villages respond by stating that God will save them, Hindus in the cities respond by stating that RSS will save them, without bothering to consider that RSS is a service organization (Rashtriya Swayam-Sewak Sang), RSS is not RRS (Rashtriya Rakshak Sangh), it is not a military outfit. It could not defend Hinduism even if it wanted to. It neither has any weapons nor any training to do the job that the Hindus of cities consider it capable of doing. In this atmosphere of False Invincibility, Hindus feel Fat, Dumb, And Happy, while the Islamic Tabliguers and the Christian Missionaries do their dirty work, indoctrinating, separating, and alienating the poorest of our Hindus from their ancestors, from their culture, and from their Hindu religion. It hardly needs explanation that this action is anti-national, in fact it is downright cultural, spiritual, and national suicide. How long can we Hindus take this kind of Hindu Hemorrhage?

9. If Secularism and Democracy are supposed to give equal treatment to all religions, as the Pseudo-Seculars among us Hindus claim, then it means simply this that if Christian Missionaries are to be protected from irate and provoked Hindus ( who are acting to defend their Dharma), then Hindus must also be protected from the Moslem Tabliguers and Christian Missionaries and from their insidious ideological attacks on the Hindu Religion. The daily demonisation and abusive statements of the  Fire-Breathing Moslem and Christian Clergies, against the Hindu and his Hindu Religion, every single day throughout India must also stop. Otherwise, the way Secularism is being practiced in India, it is a One-Way Street, and the Moslems and Christians are being pampered, while the Hindus are made to suffer, and in this climate of Hindu Patience and Suffering, both Islam and Christianity thrive and they daily attack, degrade, and insult Hinduism every day of the week. The Great Hindu, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji, who founded the Jan Singh party and started the Modern Hindutva Movement, had once stated that Hindus will not tolerate this One-Way Procedure too long. But the Great Dr. Mukherji had severely under-estimated the defensiveness and passivity of the Hindu and when this passivity is supplemented by the determined attempts of the Phony-Liberal Bunch, designed to minimize the danger from Islam and Christianity, the Hindu is put to deep sleep and this makes him even more vulnerable than he would otherwise be. Then anybody can walk over the Hindu and give him the carpet treatment.

10.  It is instructive to recall that in 1947, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in a famous speech, assured that all minorities in NaPakistan (mainly Hindus and Sikhs) shall be guaranteed protection. Was this promise of protection genuine? Not at all. Many Hindus believed Jinnah’s promise, went to sleep in contentment and satisfaction and did not plan any defense, and thus became even more vulnerable than otherwise they would be. It did not occur to the Hindus that according to Quran, a Moslem is not required to keep any contract or promise with the Kafirs. None of the Hindus knew that while Jinnah was announcing  his Big Promises of Minority Protection, his government of NaPakistan, at the same time, was issuing arms to the Moslem Killers to kill the Kafir Hindus in NaPakistan and kill they did and in a big way.

11. To put it simply, disregard for human life is a common trait of Islamic and Christian Barbarians, who conduct their barbarism (Jehad) in the name of their God. The stories of their barbarism can get your heart racing. The essential trait of both of these religions is naked terror, uninhibited loot, murder, slavery, concubinage, and conversion into Islam or Christian or death, all of it in accordance with the commands of their respective religions. One of the great pacifists of the century, Albert Einstein, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt, recommending the development and production of the Atom Bomb. Einstein understood the central reality that when mankind is faced with evil, it must use every trick in the book and many tricks that are not in the book, to annihilate the barbarian (the Asuras).

The Vedic Technique of dealing with the Asuras is the best way of containing and stopping these barbarians. These barbarians live by their own rules. They can be stopped only when their victims fight back and resolve that barbarians must be contained and stopped. These barbarians now are more cunning than they were ever before. The victim’s determination to fight back is his best body armor. You cannot disarm/defang these barbarians by hitting them with bean-bags.

What could the problem of us Hindus for not using this proven and well-established Vedic Technique? Perhaps because of the principle of Ahimsa forced down our gullet first by Emperor Ashoka and later by other Buddhist and Hindu Leaders, and may be because of centuries of servitude, we have lost our sense of self-respect, have forgotten our Vedic Technique of Dharmic Defense and we just aren’t keen on fighting any more, neither for Dharmic Defense nor for our Hindu rights. How shameful it is that we Hindus constantly talk of changing the heart of the plunderer but never bother to take a second look at our own great Vedas and their great lessons, lessons which are instructive, revealing, and historical, and not just poetical?

Is there any way to repair the badly-damaged Hindu Psyche? Perhaps there is!

Arise Hindus!


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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    Hindus have been in majority in Hindusthan but they have always suffered at the hands of minorities. The population of Muslims at the time of Aurangzeb was only one percent of the total population of the country. But Hindus were put to the most gruesome torture. Dirty accusations were hurled at Guru Tegh Bahadur and then he was martyred at Chandni Chowk. Guru Gobind Singh also suffered at his hands. Shivaji Maharaj was jailed by the fascist Moghul. 20000 HIndus were killed every year in the Deccan during the rule of the Bahamani kings. It was an annual ritual for them. They always reserved their seats in heaven by killing innocent human beings on earth. This policy continues till date. 9/11 was also caused due to this false of a residence in heaven surrounded by doe-eyed houries. Hindus have to arise now otherwise they shall be enslaved by the fast approaching shadows of fascism.

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