By J.V. Lakshmana Rao

Bensenville, IL: A fervent call for Hindu unity, Hindu identity and Hindu awakening has been given by  Dr. Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party of India, who is a noted academician, politician, and economist, while speaking on “Globalization of Hindu Unity” at Manav Seva Mandir here on July 29.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, who has been spearheading the movement for Hindu renaissance in the USA for several years, said that to raise Hindu awakening three steps were needed.  They were that Hindus, wherever they lived, must get united.  They should correct the distorted history being taught in educational institutions. And they should become “Virat” to save secularism by learning Sanskrit, which was the most developed ancient language that reflected the Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

He said that there was a systematic attempt by Westerners to denigrate Hinduism by belittling its much valued principles, by distorting the facts of history and incorporating them in history books, and by attempting to convert Hindus into other religions.

Christianity could succeed in spreading itself to the Europe and Egypt; and Islam could convert totally the population in Iraq and Iran, but 800 years of rule of Muslim kings and 200 years of British rule could not convert India into a Muslim or a Christian country. “That is the strength of Hinduism. But now attempts are being made by the external forces through the support of Indian government to convert Hindus into other religions. Hindus must realize this grave danger and get united,” he said.

The history books in India, he said, blatantly omitted certain facts about Hindu kings while, chapters about the Moghal rulers were included. He said that the vast former Vijayanagar empire extended from Karnataka in the South up to Assam in the North, but no history book detailed it but made some passing mention about it. Nehru was half English. Gandhi made a mistake of choosing Nehru as Prime Minister of India.  Things would have been different, if Gandhi had chosen Sardar Patel, said Dr. Subramanian Swamy, as the audience gave him a loud applause.

He said that while the 400,000  Hindu temples in India were administered by the government, it did not dare to touch any church or mosque.  In fact, the government was “looting” the Hindu temples to support churches and mosques.  Sometime back there were attempts by the Andhra Pradesh state government to help build churches in Tirupati-Tirumal area, the seat of Hindu deity – Sri Venkateswara.  While the Indian government gave travel subsidies for Muslims and Christians for their pilgrimages, no such facility was given to Hindus.  While in Islamic countries mosques were pulled downed to construct royal palaces, in India temples were pulled down in Kashi, Brindavan and Ayodyya to construct mosques.

Again, he said, it was the Westerners, who created the Aryans-Dravidian divide, while the recent research by Houston University and Mysore University amply established that all Indians living from North to South of India carried the same DNA, though the pigmentation caused by the weather was the cause for their different skin colors.

Cautioning against the danger lurking for the Hindu identity, he said that while the government of India felt shy to call India as a Hindu nation, the Chinese called India as Hindu-go which meant the Hindu Rashtra. While most present-day Hindus were passive to announce their religious identity, the politicians in India were creating differences among them, and adopting an appeasement policy of minority communities by seeking sops to them and creating vote banks. The seeds to divide Hindus were sown by the British by criticizing the caste system, which was mentioned in ancient scriptures, was meant to identify the expertises and avocations of various people in the Hindu society.  Therefore, there was a need for all Hindus, who constituted 80 percent of population of India, to be united to defeat the appeasement policy of the government and the politicians.  Even if only 40 percent of  Hindu population were united, they could change the governance and thwart the appeasement attitude of the politicians, he added.

He said that as part of government’s appeasement policy, Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi mooted a communal and targeted violence bill. “Under the bill, for any communal violence, Hindus will be blamed automatically and by default. It is a dangerous bill; hence it must be opposed.  To save India, we should say with pride that we are Hindus. We should become Virat Hindus,” he said.

Regarding the greatness of the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, which was used in scriptures and worked as an unifying communicative means, Dr. Subramanian Swamy said Sanskrit was called the most evolved, scientific  and oldest language, and it was recognized by NASA as the most developed language. As NASA found Sanskrit as the most adaptable language for computers, it encouraged its staff to learn this ancient language. But Indians were not able to realize it.  “Indians are recognized as the most intelligent people in the world. That is because of their age-old culture, heritage and inbuilt knowledge inherited by them from generations.. Their culture had been passed on from generations to generations through their scriptures written in Sanskrit.  Even the visitors of bygone era like Vasco-da-Gama  and others praised India and Indians.  But with the growing Western influence, we have neglected Sanskrit and started learning English,” he added.

He said that to regain the glory of Hindus and Indians, there was a need to encourage them to learn their mother tongue and  Sanskrit.  “What we call advancements in modern sciences and technology were already there in ancient Indian scriptures written in Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is the most unifying language.  Most world languages are derived from it,” Dr. Subramanian Swamy said.

He said that there were several Hindu temples in the US. “Please make arrangements to teach Sanskrit in these temples. It is the most vibrant language. If Hindus are not there, there will be no secularism.  Hindus only can protect secularism,” he added.

The protagonist of Hinduism  said the much-talked-about secularism was seen in its true form only in India because Hinduism was the most tolerant religion. Without Hinduism, there would not be secularism. True secularism was seen only in India where Hindus live. “You cannot find it in Islamic or Christian dominant countries,” he said amid thunderous applause.

He said: “Indians have been intimidated and dominated by English-speaking rulers. Under the British rule, Indians were made to feel inferior. Therefore, Indians must wake up and restore their bygone glory. They can achieve it through Hindu awakening and Hindu renaissance.   For that they have to be united, correct the flaws in history books, promote Sanskrit and become ‘Virat.’ They should become strong.”

Earlier, Dr. Bharat Barai, former chairman of Board of Trustees of  Manav Seva Mandir, welcomed the gathering and introduced Dr. Subramanian Swamy by describing him as a true Hindu who gave a call for awakening of Hindus all over the world to save this ancient dharma.

Dr. Bharat Barai and Dr. Panna Barai were felicitated on the occasion.

On July 28, Dr. Subramanian Swamy inaugurated the “Dr. Muniratnam Valathur Memorial Lecture Series” at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in Lemont, with a speech on “What Ails the Hindu Society: How to Energize it.” Prasad Yalamanchi, as the master of ceremonies, welcomed Dr. Swamy, HTGC president Dr. Gopal Srinivasan, HTGC past president Dr. Krishna Reddy and others.


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