No purpose served by Anna Hazare’s hunger strike, is failure of secular acts !

Mr. Anna Hzare has undertaken hunger strike thrice till now for eradication of corruption; but nothing has been achieved out of it. First two agitations received good response from the people; but the third agitation did not receive much response nor was it taken note of by the Government. Criticism by Anna Hazare’s associates on pro-Hindu activists is resulting in Hindus going away from this movement which is a failure of secular acts. This also proved that hunger strike cannot be a path for establishment of Hindu Nation. Henceforth, Hindus and pro-Hindu oragnisations should support only those who work in the interest of Hinduism. Secularists cannot eradicate corruption as they don’t have the backing of God’s grace !

We don’t want secularism that takes this Nation to decline in every field; but we want Hindu Nation that will help in all round progress of the Nation !

Mr. Anna Hazare has given indication of establishing a secularist political party; but in the past 64 years, political parties ignored majority Hindus under the name of secularism kowtowing to only Muslims and Christians. Secularism led to all over degeneration of this Nation. Will the political party set up by Mr. Anna Hazare follow the same path is the doubt created due to the criticism by his associates like Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas and Sanjay Singh on ‘Yogarushi’ Baba Ramdev and the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi. It is, therefore, necessary to put aside secularist psychology and new thinking of establishment of Hindu Nation should be given a chance. In Hindu Nation, policies adopted by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj will be kept as ideal while thinking about followers of other religions.

Ignorance about the meaning of the word ‘Dharma’ makes secularists talk in any manner !

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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  1. Anil Gupta says:

    First time in April 2011 when Anna Hazare sat on fast it was hindu activist who organised meetings in town to form committees for India Against Corruption.BUt when Anna and his team members started hurling abuses on Hindu organisations they retracted.But the irony is that just as India got freedom not because of Gandhi Nehru but inspite of them.Now it is esteblished beyond doubt that India got freedom due to naval revolt and weakening of Britain after WW-II and international pressure. But credit was taken by Gandhi Nehru and even Hindu organisations has succumbed to this cacophoney.In the same manner when this fight against orruption will be won due to the efforts of others Anna team will come forward to grab the limelight.

  2. vikas says:

    Anna hazare now become history by ftop to superflop response by public. anna hazare movement created by media only. now media left anna hazare, public left anna hazare. so called anna hazare and his so called team members should learn from baba RAMDEV how movement mobilised despite of negative campaign by media.


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