Assam will not turn into another Kashmir



Whatever may be the assertions of Government of Assam, it has completely failed to restrain the ongoing disturbance in the state and the reasons behind the same are too obvious to them – even if they pretend to be unconscious.


The steady influx of Islamists from Bangladesh (a demographic invasion only) through decades has not only changed Assam demographically and harmed Hindus living there but owing to the same, as per analysts, almost three-fourth of Assam is already lost. And in extensive areas in the state words of Bangladeshi Islamists can be heard instead of conventional language of Assam.


Once Assam is lost, the whole North-East region will go out of India’s reach.  


Where will Hindus, be it Bodo or traditional Assamese or even Bengalis, go then? Does the government want Hindus to remain as refugee in their own lands? Do leaders both in Assam and New Delhi know pains of remaining as refugee? If not they must come to Bengali Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits and learn it. Bengali Hindus, ever since the partition of Bengal in 1947, have been remaining as people devoid of any particular identity in the global scenario.


Assam can’t be allowed to turn into another fragmented Bengal or Kashmir – the desperate fights of Hindus are proving it all in all.

War has been declared and waged against Hindus; we ignore it at our own peril.











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