Angry Hindus sacrificing to defend Assam

 No Compromise – call of the day

Assam, at this point in time, is being ravaged by a wave of violence between Hindus and Islamists and what started as a heinous attack on Hindus only in Kokrajhar region of the state is engulfing other regions fast. Counter measures are prevailing the atmosphere.

 As fresh reports are coming in, 60,000 people have been affected extremely and nearly 50,000 refugees are housed in 42 relief camps but the saga refuses to end here. The death toll has risen to 32, as per governmental estimates, thus far.

The adjoining districts of Chirang and Bongaigaon are also witnessing an upsurge. The situation is such that the railway service in the region is worst hit and the thoroughfares (in the region) have ceased to remain safe. Even if army has moved to Kokrajhar to quell the rioting, it’s getting difficult for them to do the same; the riot is not fratricidal at all and happens to be the loudest protestation against demographic invasion of Bengali Islamists from neighboring Bangladesh to Assam thus far.

 Will the desperate bids to change demography of Assam end now? It is to be seen as secular sharks know no bounds to gratify own desires to attain power, be it destructing Hindu fate once and for all. Hasn’t the same been found in all these years?          


जब रंज दिया बुतों ने तो खुदा याद आया

It has been learnt that the fury started when a few Hindu youths were lynched by Islamists at Joypur, P.S. Kokrajhar, Bodo tribe dominated Kokrajhar district, on last Friday around 8.30 pm. And the reason behind the gruesome killing was land encroachment by Bangladeshi Islamist immigrants; Hindus were murdered for protesting it. Retaliation started soon and there has been no end up till now. Neighboring areas of Fakiragram, Serfanguri, Narabari, Gossaigaon, Dotoma, Mokrajan and Tulsibari have become newest mainstays of arsons.       

 Shoot-at-sight order along with indefinite curfew has been ordered in Kokrajhar district, even as night curfew is on in Chirang and Dhubri districts.

 Even if security measures have been beefed up, it can be said confidently that the combat will not end soon. Governments of both Assam and Delhi, successively, have failed to check the exponential growth of illegal immigration of Muslims from Bangladesh (all intentionally to use rising Muslim vote bank to get power) and have had own profits. Hindus, cutting across ethnic or linguistic differences, have suffered as a result and the aforesaid incident of Joypur has let Hindus loose from decades of anger, frustration, and ignominy at the hands of Islamists.

 Hindus in Assam have got the taste of success after decades of restraint finally; it will go on to create newer history.

Hit the hammer when it is red-hot!         

Ahimsa paramo DharmahDharma himsa tathaiva cha. Non-violence is the greatest Dharma” “So too is all righteous violence.”

Veer Bhogya Vasundhara“, “The Brave Shall enjoy the Earth”

War has been declared and waged against us; we ignore it at our own peril.


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  1. vikas says:

    the main culprit of existing violence in Assam is congress party to allow bangladeshi nationals infiltration in Assam, it is creating danger to indigenous tribals. for vote bank politics. it is only starting, govt should flush out all bangladeshies from india.


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