Who is the determined PM? he/she who bows down or he who doesn’t?

Small pawns always feel jealous about the big fishes, that’s why Nitish Kumar always shows signs of jealousy against Narendra Modi. Nitish can’t get out of his Modi-frustration even in his sleep, even in his dreams and finally even in his nightmares. Wait, Modi is nightmare for him because he feels endangered by Modi’s political influence and people’s love for him. This is the same fear that prevented him from allowing Modi from campaigning in Bihar. Nitish Kumar can only run in Bihar, outside this province none would probably ever any slight influence. But Modi is not just the pride of Gujarat, he is the biggest international figure in India at today’s date; he got himself at the cover page of the world’s most famous magazine , Time. And what is Nitish himself, he questions it to himself every time he watches himself in the mirror. They both are allies but still they look like Elephant and Cat when standing together. This frustration makes him vomit shits that would hardly have any qualitative value but has only controversial value.

Today Nitish Kumar came up with one more controversial statement in his personal interview to Economic Times, the financial daily of the Bennet Coleman Group which claims itself as a “truth prevailer” but has hardly any respect for the truth, who knows it better than me!

Nitish stated to the paper, “NDA needs to declare a PM candidate who has secular credentials.” What more? Everyone knows that he is talking against the Man with determination, Narendra Modi. He is spitting out his intense frustration against the man who bows down to none, but his opponents bows down to him, against a man who always insulted Nitish not by some shitty statements but by his silence on the same from Nitish. Modi hardly gives any grass to Nitish Kumar’s frustration. Modi has a lot more frustrated critics against him, let’s have one more.

If Nitish thinks that because BJP has an ally with the JDU in NDA and in Bihar cabinet, BJP needs to bow down before them, he needs to revise his opinions after Bihar Animal Husbandry minister Giriraj Singh delivered his counter statement in a stern reply. He told the Hindi media like ABP News (formerly Star News, which has changed it’s name not nature) and Aaj Tak (which is frustrated with Asansol News as the latter exposed the former’s real dark nature) , “Anyone from the party (BJP) can become PM.” The self acclaimed secular politicians (actually pseudo secular) like Lalu started taking political advantage alongside the anti-BJP media. Lalu said, “BJP-JDU will soon have the divorce.” One thing is out of realization, is the media paid to divert public mind against BJP and show their imaginative skills only on showing fake rifts within BJP? These news channels are the same who covered the so-called rift within BJP when Sanjay Joshi resigned, they framed a story that the BJP politicians are against Modi’s candidature for PM, without showing any single anti-Modi statement delivered by anyone. Now Giriraj’s statement makes it clear that they want Modi as the PM and will not tolerate anything shitty against him. But where is the media to show the unity among the BJP? Are they not permitted to show it? From where? From 10 Janpath or from 6 Garrison? Or from Mecca-Madina?

When shameless muslim-appeasement is the subject, Nitish and Lalu are the two sides of the same coin

Lalu also slammed Nitish for being with BJP. “He who is with BJP can never be secular”, he said. But on this Giriraj questioned the Lalu-brand secularism, “In a secular nation none can sit on a constitutional throne with communal nature. But we need a clean and clear debate on communalism and define secularism. Those who are delivering these kinds of statements are pseudoseculars.”

While giving lectures on secularism, Lalu needs to look at the mirror or at least at the Hindi movies that form jokes on Bihar. Bihar has become a joke to everyone and only one man deserves to get credited for that, the great Lalu Prasad Yadav. We know how much secular he is, we know his relations with alleged Pakistani agents like Taslimuddin and Shahabuddin. We also know what is the social status of the Hindus in the trademark “secular” areas in Bihar like Kishenganj where 60 Lakh Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have made the lives of the Hindus hell. The Hindu festivals are banned there, literally Shariah law has been activated there. And we also know Nitish kumar under whose regime the Bihari districts have become the epicenter of Islamic terrorism. After the fracture of the Indian Mujahideen’s spine in Azhamgarh, they have set up their base in Madhubani, Darbhanga, and the great Kishenganj. Isn’t it the same Nitish who hardly shed any tears when the innocent Indians died in bomb blasts but cried foul when the culprit terrorists were nabbed. Literally Lalu and Nitish has no difference when the shameless appeasement of muslims is the subject matter.

The nation knows that it’s the majority of the politicians who have drowned the nation. When the majority of rouge politicians have united against a single man and a single party, they know it very much that these opposed man and party only can bring a real change. Media may campaign against Narendra Modi and BJP in a Nazi manner, but public is not as much foolish as media wants them to be.

Modi is not secular because he denied to wear the Islamic cap. How many Muslim leaders have worn the Hindu dress ups? Because Hindus are not communalists, they don’t want to Hinduize the politics like Muslims want to Islamize it. But Hindus needs to change their strategy, it seems. If wearing a Muslim cap and acting like Muslims is the only criteria for secularism then I must say that Pakistan is the biggest “secular” nation. these kind of politicians don’t deserve to stay in India and only Pakistan is suitable for them. Play your cap games there.

Nitish needs to put an end to his frustrating games and needs to take a bath and if possible some snacks with tea. He must not live in his imagination that BJP needs JDU. Actually JDU needs BJP for its survival.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.

George Bernard Shaw


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  1. indianrj says:

    समय आ गया है जब ऐसे दोहरे चरित्र वाले राजनीतिज्ञों को उनकी सही औकात दिखा देनी चाहिए जो ये समझते हैं कि हिंदुयों को गरियाने से वो सेकुलर दिखाई देते हैं. हिंदुयों को एकजुट होकर उन्हें सबक सिखाना चाहिए. ऐसे में मोदी से अच्छा नेतृत्व कोई नहीं होगा

  2. pramod malhotra says:

    It is high time that Hindutva forces declared war against such media channels whether print or electronic through posters, media statements on the fair media. and declaring through such channels that these pseudo and foreign funded electronic should be boycotted by the public with love for the nation in their HEART.

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