Under the pagan religion of Islam is someone who does not believe in the existence of God, Apostle (Muhammad) and Islam. Be explained Allah and Muslims do not like this type of heathen (I’m included in it). There is a very clear command and inhuman of God in Islam according to Muhammad as a messenger of God, which is forced and tortured them until they declare themselves to Islam or kill them if they refuse Islam.

To understand the cruel treatment of the Muslims, we must know the origins of Islamic religious establishment how and from where. Actually, Islam is nothing but an Arab national movement led by a man named Muhammad, who dreamed of becoming the ruler of the world and have everything under control. Islam is a religious reason is easy and appropriate for him to do everything she wants. And to make a successful political party, Muhammad must find a way to control and fool many people, and kill without mercy to maintain power. Thus Islam is actually designed and distributed by a gang of robbers led by a man named Muhammad, who claims he is a holy prophet. Before embarking on his mission and makes his way to world domination he divides people into two groups:MUSLIM AND INFIDEL

The word Muslim means one who believe in Allah and Muhammad on the contrary those who do not believe Allah and Muhammad is called Kafir. Muslim does not mean better than heathen in character, only Muslims have the mantra: there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God. With the mantra decent Muslims to kill as many infidels, also have the right to loot, burn the property of others, enslaving women and children. According to the religion of Islam, jihad fighters while fighting the infidels, kill, pillage and enslave the unbelievers, the infidels must thank the jihad fighters for jihad fighters to help stop the infidels for their sins, because the infidels have benefited from the jihad, which gets reduced sentence in hell. Holy prophet of Islam states that Allah has given the world for Muslims, no peace left to the Gentiles.

But it seems that God’s knowledge of geography is not too good. It seems that Allah and his messenger did not hear and did not know there are many countries far from the Syrians, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and other Muslim territories. Because of this lack of geographic knowledge of the Prophet divided the world into two:

Darul Islam: a peaceful region where the Muslim element is very strong and powerful.

Dar al-Harb: War in the region where the infidels / non-Muslim dominated.

Behind the misleading teachings of Islam is very shocking and shameful, completely prove the Prophet Muhammad’s political skills by declaring “all Muslims are one nation (group) and non-Muslims are another group. He created two nation theories. Antagonism between Muslims and non-Muslims continues, and he always stressed that the struggle of Muslims against the infidels and the Muslims will be won around the world will belong to the Muslims.

Referring to the statement of the prophet Muhammad that Allah has made it a model / example for the followers of Islam. The point is that Muslims should follow Muhammad in all things, they must eat, drink, walk and talk like him, even like him. And in all actions according to Islamic way of life is the Sunnah of the prophet.

A person can easily say that Islam is intended to honor and love Muhammad. There is a flash command of the prophet which states that a person is not a Muslim until he loves him more than his own parents. People should be more loving Muhammad from his own parents and are willing to sacrifice for him.

To ensure the benefits / advantages of Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad  asked his followers to take the following steps.

 The house of God which is the Kaaba in Mecca and the Muslims must pray five times a day facing the Kaaba. To further convince his followers and God proves true home is in Mecca, Muhammad obliges the Muslims to pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca. Thus he attributes divinity to the Kaaba, the shrine of Mecca where God lives. But I understand God not only live in one city / country, God is everywhere.

I’ve never heard Christians say their God lives in London, England. Or Buddhist or Hindus saying God was residing in a particular place. This proves that Islam is just deceiving people, and those who follow his teaching is really a very stupid person. Sell ​​their possessions to pay a visit to the temple at Mecca, because it promised a reward and fortune tenfold when going to the holy land of Mecca. I think the real reason the text makes this rule is that Arab countries have a lot of foreign exchange, because of the stupid people who have been affected by the teachings of many people who want to see the house of God. So that the local economy to prosper.. And do not forget Muhammad also set, if a Muslim must be buried facing Mecca to ensure their safety in the hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad taught Muslims to love people of Saudi Arabia because of the Prophet Muhammad come from Arabic. They must follow all his commands as an example of Islamic religious practice, is that Islam would expect from the people. If not they would go to hell because the Prophet will not take sides / broker for them. Mediation is the power of Muhammad by Al-Quran. He would recommend his followers to God to enter heaven on the Day of Judgment. His advice is the final decision and God will not reject it.

Including murderers, rapists, liars, thieves, thugs and pimps will go to heaven if they become followers of ISLAM. Contrary to it Followers of HINDUISM, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists will be thrown in the fire of hell no matter how pious they are. Running a religious observance and the price means nothing without the trust of Muhammad and the holy land. Intermediary is the culmination of wisdom nabi.Umat Muslims believe, to follow the teachings of Muhammad will give them the hope of free sex as Muhammad did and abundant riches in heaven. Because they feel obliged and justified Islamize infidels or kill the infidels in the name of Allah.

After reading the above you can understand the true nature of Muslims and the reason behind the murder, rape, looting committed by Muslims through history. Verse in Quran gave birth to the law which applies only to non-Muslims living in Muslim areas to pay taxes. Those non-Muslims allowed to live and work in Muslim areas but should be subject to several conditions:

    Should not build new places of worship.
    Not allowed to fix the old place of worship that Muslims destroyed.
    Muslims should not hinder that was on his way to stay in their places of worship.
    Should entertain for 3 days against Muslims who stay in their homes and longer if the Muslim is sick.
    Not create hostility or give aid and convenience of the enemy.
    Should not prevent someone from them to convert to Islam.
    Must show respect for every Muslim.
    Muslims should be allowed to attend the meeting of their environment.
    Do not dress like a Muslim.
    Do not call themselves by Muslim names.
    Not ride a horse with saddle and bridle.
    Should not have firearms.
    Not sell alcohol openly.
    Should wear different clothes that show their lower status and separate from Muslims.
    Do not propagate their custom among Muslims.
    Do not build houses in the neighborhood of Muslims.
    Do not bury the dead near the Muslim cemetery.
    Do not run their religious ceremonies publicly or mourn their dead loudly.
    Do not buy Muslim slaves.

Again I stated a bit of a reality that reveals the real nature of Islam. Logically minded people certainly realize that Islam is for the lowest of the low. Followers of Islam is the devil without a brain who does not know any better than killing and torture in the name of Allah and they do this at the instigation of Muhammad. Because Muhammad promised his followers “if they follow and obey all the commands then God will send them to heaven where they will get 72 virgins and beautiful 100 virility of men.

According to Muhammad of these girls will never get old and will always come back to be a virgin again after having sex. And having sex at the same time with the 72 girls is not prohibited. And this enigmatic, why masculinity is 100 males to 72 virgins only? Why not 100 virility for 100 virgins? The answer is very simple, because the holy prophet Muhammad also promised to provide 28 young boys in addition to 72 beautiful virgins for their sexual gratification. And Muhammad added without the need to marry them anyway you can have sex all the means you’re free from Islam and Sharia Islamic law.

Wow Islam, Islam is great, respect for Islam, for Islam ovation.

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  1. hunter for the traitors says:

    is it not good sir jee?????…..PISSLAM the biggest ever lie perpetrated at humanity…..let people know……wishy washy/moderate mussy/a$$hole commies………..let them defend the truth……..GREATEST GADDAR OF MOTHER INDIA (he bites the very hand that feeds him)…A$$HOLE….UGLIEST….SKELETON of the country……the biggest ever liability….more than india’s foreign debt………one and only ZAKEER NAIK…the dirtiest pig……ask him for debate….with arya samajis…..not against like….SRI SRI who is embodiment of compassion his kindness, he misinterpreted as surrender….. ….and ZAKY the pig is not worth his nails…….i wish i once have……..JAI HIND! JAI BHARAT! JAI ARYAVARTA!

  2. India says:

    All fake comments. If you wants knowledge of islam meet Mr.Zakir Naik. Visit

  3. Fad says:

    Islam is a useless satanic good for nothing religion. Islam will soon become totally extinct and will collapse. Islam is a dustbin religion. Muhammad is in hell.

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