Dr. Babu Suseelan

Saving Bharat from the pseudo secular assault on our culture, values, ethics, life-style, education, and Hindutva and bring our glorious roots of Hindu spiritual tradition, freedom, and moral values need lion hearted Hindus with steel nerves. To bring back India once was, and India that could be again –need strong will to stand and fight against our pseudo secular Hindus who act as our enemy within. It requires hard work, discipline, devotion and commitment and national-cultural spirit on several levels.

The enemy within are very happy to support Jihadi terrorism, Marxist mischief, Maoist Anarchism, Corruption, coercive religion conversion and Naxaalite guerilla activities.  These pseudo secular enemy within are supported by our arrogant Islamized Media owned and operated by our enemy without. They are busy undermining our spiritual traditions, values and undercut nationalist leaders like Narendra Modi, Dr. Subramaniya Swami and active Hindu leaders and nationalist Hindu organizations.  Muslim Terrorists, Marxist Criminals, Maoist Anarchists, Naxaalite Guerillas, Missionary Mafia, and corrupt politicians are the only group in India receives a “pass” from the pseudo secular enemy media.

How do we reawaken Hindus to the dangerous activities of our enemy within and the spiritual cultural heritage we all share? Some anti Hindu, pseudo secularist’s value material success and applause from our enemy’s more than moral triumph based on Hindutva.

To make our Hindu Raashtra safe and secure, we have to identify this enemy within and recognize their financial, political, organizational support base from within and without. Hopefully, we are awakening to the fact.  That too long; we have been enslaved, oppressed, robed, and misdirected by our enemy from abroad. Our country was divided by anti Hindu political leaders and fanatic Muslims who don’t want to believe in diversity, harmony, peace or coexistence.

Hindus have been waterlogged since independence from the British Christian Colonialists and Islamic fanatics. Since 1947, our corrupt politicians, atheist leaders, Marxist misfits and anarchist media have been busy misdirecting our priorities, misguiding innocent gullible Hindus and fed biased and slanted news, and distorted cultural events many contemporary Hindus don’t share. As a result, Hindus are made to act like zombies and became lapdogs for our criminal politicians and anti Hindu enemies. The real facts and truth is covered up and Hindus are fed with misinformation put out by our enemies within and without.

Our movie industry, educational institutions are an intellectual gulag producing third rate and unfit movies and cultureless and idiotic elites.

Another reason for our enemy within gets so much of power. Hindus are passive, indifferent, and apathetic and pathetically lame. The self-serving, corrupt and criminal politicians and the narrow minded pseudo secular media are loud and active in tinkering with our education and our simple minded Hindus are mauled regularly.

All of these anti national activities of our enemy within have damaged our existence and survival as a nation. Our spiritual acharayas, nationalist Hindu leaders have preserved our noble thoughts, eternal and perennial philosophy for thousands of years. Hindus lived in harmony, tranquility and with peace. Despite Islamic invasion, brutality, and looting, and Christian colonialism and trickery we have survived as a nation.

Now there is something monumental happening in India. The pseudo secular Hindus, Islamists, corrupt politicians and ant national foreign owned media has made an unholy alliance against peace loving Hindus. They are continuing their cacophony of sound bites attempting to indoctrinate Hindu mind. With their persistent, relentless and pervasive support of Islamism and Maoist terrorism, it seems, they are attempting to destabilize and destroy India.

Hindus are generally hesitant and wishful. Our enemy within knows that Pakistan, the rogue state  is difficult and obstructive and Islamic Pakistan produces Nuclear Bombs and weapons of mass destruction, arms, train, support, manage, direct and send Islamic terrorists to India to create mayhem.

But our pseudo secular enemy within, ignore the obvious reality. Now Hindus have to unite and act for the preservation of our country, culture, and values and promote our spiritual tradition without any guilt or apology. The eyes of the world are again riveted on the Hindu Nationalists and Bharat, especially since the recent surge of Hindu nationalists. The meteoric rise of Hindutva in India has our enemies from within and without filled with fear and trepidation.

Going forward, it is important for Hindus must have a vision and involvement in social-political situations. Yet involvement in specific political situations is not enough. Ultimately effectiveness requires a vision. Declaring India as a Hindu Raashtra is the first step. Development of a personal and national philosophy will ensure our growth, stability; peace and progress Hindu Raashtra will ensure genuine democracy not fake democracy and will highlight our culture, values, and spiritual traditions

Real political power will be in the hands of nationalists not with anti national pseudo secularist. Real, genuine democracy means identifying our enemy within and vital check on abusers based on our interests. Those that ignore or insult our spiritual culture, ethical values and noble traditions, or violate nationalism will be taken into account. By declaring India as a Hindu Raashtra, we can avoid tragedies from recurring again.

If all Hindus can be united and act together and act on our inner thoughts and examine whether our cowardice and compromise have made enemy grow from within. After several decades of indoctrination and slavery those who are still deceived and suffer from Stockholm syndrome can come back to Hindutva and eliminate toxic pattern of thinking, and perversion instilled by our enemies.

What will India’s future be? What directions will India take? One thing is certain. There will be reemergence of Hindutva forces. There will be renewal of India’s political directions, morality and there will be a harmonious relationship between humans and nature and there will be peace, progress and prosperity.

The bogus secularists and pro-Jihadi Hindus seems to be lacking real moral purpose and meaning. Real patriotic, nationalist Hindus are fighting for the soul of our nation. The anti Hindu, pro Islamists, Marxist misfits, and Marxist anarchists prefer to walk through clouds. It appears that our enemies and alienated Hindus appears to be suffering from psychological disorders such as addictive thinking, denial, cognitive disorder and thinking errors. The anti Hindu doomsayers want our sacred land and Hindutva to die thousand times.

Having traveled around the world many times, I could say categorically that pseudo secular Hindus who acts as enemy within are very vulnerable. Hindus around the world are aware of their threats and it will result in resurgent Hindus.

Listen Hindus, Bhaaratvarsh did not happen by chance. The great spiritual heritage we inherit that built Bharat happened by remarkable Spiritual Masters. And the great freedom we enjoy today is because we all Hindus.  We are living in a democracy and we need a revival. Then the question is why our citizens vote and retain corrupt, criminal politicians and dynasty rulers who want to loot our wealth and destroy our country. The dynasty congress party at the center and ruling several states in India never believe in any democracy. The congress dynasty rules India ruthlessly with the active support of anti Hindu forces. The dynasty ignores the will of the majority Hindus. Restoring our heritage, culture, ethical values and real democracy is very important at this juncture. You and I are part of the Hindu fabric. Let us work together to bring back to glory our country, our culture, and real democracy for us and for our children. Today is the day to become involved in bringing back the country we are dreaming of becoming. If not now, when?


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  1. Jyoti Jape says:

    Very inspiring, candid and forceful article by Dr. Babu Suseelan. This is how hindus in Bharat and world over need to be awakened. If and when hindus awaken, hindus can definitely change current worsening situation in this nation.
    I sincerely thank Dr. Babu Suseelan for his constant hammering on napping hindus.

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