ISLAM IS HELL -By Dr. Babu Suseelan


Muslims shout five times a day that “There is no God. Only Allah”.
And Allah is not GOD. Allah is a desert deity. Muslims believe in
fire breathing Allah and his devilish prophet of death and doom
Mohammad. As such, Islam is Hell. Is there any Muslim living in
peace, practicing democracy, and coexist with fellow Human beings?
Wherever Muslims live there is Hell. Islamic communities around the
world are interested in amplifying deviance, hellish life style,
criminal behavior including beheading, terrorism, women’s oppression
and mass murder. Closed, rigid, non-compromising Islamic
fundamentalist dogma is a political ideology originated in the desert
for plunder, looting, invasion and creating of HELL. Islamic history
is replete with stories of assassination, arson, beheading, and
hellish behavior. Islam is Hell.


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4 Responses to ISLAM IS HELL -By Dr. Babu Suseelan

  1. Mohamad Almouazzen says:

    First, Allah is not a desert diety, it is simply the translation of God in English to Arabic
    Second, we do not believe him to be fire breathing, but a merciful and beneficent God. Third Mohammed is not a soldier of death but a symbol of the true Muslim which is peaceful, kind, respectful, and loyal. So I don’t know where you got your info from but I suggest checking the source of the website.

  2. manav says:

    mohammad was very peacefull he only raped 8 year old girl aishya he killed many innocent people and reped thie wifes islam is religion of satan and only hinduism is true religion

    • Mohamad Almouazzen says:

      None like this has ever happened, and where have u heard these rumors but from the haters of Islam which will do anything to destroy and taint Islam. We are a religion of God as the other 2 monotheistic religion in the world. So, the facts u state are a lie and the Holy Prophet would never do such a horrible action.

  3. kurup says:

    please read Serra rasool Allah then comment .this is written by muslim scholar please read mr mohamad almouazeen

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