(An Islamic slave market in the time of Mohammed, where women were traded like animals, usually after being raped by the muslim soldiers who had “captured” them.)



Since I was a child, I used to hear through the Bollywood movies that: “The hands of the law are very long and nobody can escape from them”

then with my growth I read and saw many famous incidents where rich, famous and powerful people, despite of their strong social status were taken to the justice and were sentenced for their crimes. Some very famous examples are:

· Murtaza Julfiqar Ali Bhutto (Former Pakistani President)

· Saddam Hussain (Former Iraqi President)

· Moshe Katsav (Former Israeli President)

. Gadafi (Former dictator of Libiya)

But why there is one criminal who was always ignored by the law? Why he could always escape from all the charges because of his strong religious status? Why if it comes about him then the hands of the law are shorter than a new born baby?

Now you would be curious to know, who am I talking about? Well, let me reveal. That criminal is “MUHAMMAD”. The crimes he is responsible for are:

(1) Homicide (2) Kidnappings (3) Robberies (4) Child abuse (5) Torture on women (6) Frauds

There was never any cruel and brutal criminal like Muhammad in the history of our planet. But despite of his criminal biodata he still gets worshiped by the Muslims. That´s fine, because it is about the blind faith of a particular community who do not want to see the truth. But what has happened to the International community who always talk about the humanity? Why Muhammad was never declared officially a criminal by the International community?

Why if some great people like: Pope Benedict XVI , Salman Rushdie, Geert wilders, Kurt Westergard ect. criticize Muhammad for all what he did, then they always have to get back their words with an apology? Is it a crime to speak the truth? We have to admit that we afraid to the Islamic violence and Islamic terrorism. We can´t change this world until we don’t stop fearing from the radical Muslims and bravely expose the dirty reality of Muhammad and Quran. We need to help billion of Muslims who are walking on a path which is dark and aimless.

I, as a civilized and educated citizen of western world, declare “MUHAMMAD” an international criminal, and on behalf of the International community and humanity, I issue an international arrest warrant of Muhammad for a bunch of crimes he committed so that we can take him to the justice.

Now some of you would say “well Muhammad is dead” but don´t worry. Where there is a wish, there is always a solution. Even he is dead but we can prosecute him in “International Criminal Court” with his statue. Once if he is prosecuted, found guilty and sentenced, then we shall hang his statue till the death and erase his name from every single book which exist on our earth. By doing this all we shall change our violent world to a peaceful world where Islamic education and Jihad would not exist and also we provide huge peace to the souls of all innocent Christians, Jewish, Hindus etc who were tortured by Muhammad.

Then………………….“LETS GO TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT”……..Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Your sincerely

A proud Anti Islam Activist

Imran Firasat (Spain)

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