The Congress then and now-same Emergency mode

It will be 37 years since the country went into its darkest period in its post Independence period. This was when the Congress slammed Emergency on the country-gagged all freedom of speech-rights were abolished and slavery of a modern type was imposed. This was the Congress party’s autocratic tyrannical rule. Political leaders and human rights activists were thrown into jails. Yet this party is in power today. It is an irony of destiny that we the people should have allowed this Congress party to continue as a political party. And what with such a past its present is no better. The autocratic mindset, the antidemocratic structural edifice, the anti-people contours of the party are all there very much to be mirrored in all its actions even today after 37 years of the imposition of Emergency. This party should be banned from politics and yet it is there. It has taken a new avatar-dynastic baptism which is anti-democratic. Its political dealings are barter system. Just imagine offering the envoy’s post of Mauritius to Sangma if he withdrew from running for the post of President. This has been its way of buying and selling –scams and corruption ridden the Congress is the curse of the country. Yet we the people have tolerated this party which should have long been thrown into the dustbin of history. Look at its President-non-Indian-uneducated and a person with no accountability to anyone. A creation of a super structure which is anti-constitution called the NAC and she Mrs Sonia Gandhi heads it. Her son being projected as the next Prime Minister who seems always to be lost in the woods. He does not even understand what takes place in the Parliament. Why should we the people of India accept such a situation?
On the eve of the commemoration of the Emergency we the people must resolve to bring in true democracy. Not one which goes by the word democracy but in content and spirit. From the time Mrs Sonia Gandhi came to the centre stage of power all democracy and its institutions were bypassed. It was not election but selection by one person which was the mode of appointments to constitutional posts. The wheeling dealing had opened the flood gates to scams and corruption. Never in the history of this country in its post Independence period had any government been so deep necked in corruption and scams. Every department and most of the politicians are involved. Yet Mrs Sonia Gandhi goes about as a saint.
A Prime Minister who is remotely controlled-a dual leadership with one holding the control and the other a namesake. This has to go. It is a tryst with destiny that the media is after Modi-one who then as a youth fought against Emergency but for reasons best known to itself the media has put him to trial-condemned him and want to demolish him in the political arena this because of the money power of the Congress? Day in and day out the newspapers are filled with Modi-Modi bashing has reached dizzy heights. It seems that this is the media’s hobby. If it is electronic media then prime time the debate is on Modi.And Modi’s candidature as Prime Minister. What it means to the NDA. Not a word of the Congress. Even when the Congress lost miserable in the recently held elections in Andhra Pradesh there was just a mention of it. No detailed analysis. What if Modi lost a bye election the media would dance and prance and pull all stops to give an incisive analysis. One cannot understand this. There are two yardsticks-one for Modi and the Gujarat riots into which he is shrouded and blanketed by the media. It is another matter that till date the SIT and the SC have not faulted him or held him guilty. But the media has.
Take the Congress party all the ills of the country-the number of people murdered and butchered and the burning of people during the Sikh riots-the Bhopal gas tragedy-the biggest global industrial disaster for which the Congress and the Congress alone is accountable One should not forget the plight of the Kashmiri pundits –their killings- driven out of their homes these and more are silently and conveniently swept aside. The nation must move ahead is what P.Chidamabaram holds out as advice to we the people. But when it comes to the Gujarat riots the nation is freezed and fixed at that point.

Now the latest Congress bungle- regarding the candidature for the President. It should have taken the Opposition on board. But as a usual it is too arrogant and Mrs Sonia Gandhi-one woman decides. The party expects others to fall in line. Can Pranab Mukherjee be allowed to race to the Rastrapathi Bhavan without a contest? Pranab Mukherjee must have been the trouble shooter for the Congress but as far as the nation is concerned the economy is in the doldrums because of his inability to apply sound strategies to lift the economy.Even stern austerity measures he was unable to impose, his lack of conviction and application of mind to bring back the blackmoney stashed in tax havens-his mishandling of the finances has made the economy to plunge to dangerous levels. It is no consolation to point at world economy or world crude prices for the heavy burden imposed on the aam admi. If he has five decades of service to the nation one must question if the period of serve to the nation is the yardstick then why did the Congress choose Mrs Pratibha Patil as the President? What service record has she unless one counts her tea brewing for Mrs Indira Gandhi and her kitchen services for the Gandhi family as services to the nation? So when it comes to the Congress it uses different yardsticks for selection and expects the other parties to mutely accept it. This is a democracy and contest is part of a democracy. Or the Opposition should have been taken into confidence and the Congress should have worked for a consensus. There are cases in which Pranab Mukherjee figures. The Shah Commission report is there and one must not forget that it is during his tenure that the G2 Spectrum erupted. Should we consider all these as services to the nation?

Now media gist to grind is -Modi as a Prime Minister candidate is being furiously and loudly discussed. First and foremost this is undemocratic. No party should project the candidate for Prime Minister. Let the elections take place and then the parliamentarians of the various parties should elect their respective leaders. It is for the largest Party which is called upon to form the government to have the freedom by vote to choose its own Prime Minister candidate. It is neither through selection-nor appointment nor by projecting a pre-election candidate can this be ensured. The need is to uphold the true spirit of democracy. So what is the hurry for Modi to be projected and targeted at? This is a wilful demolishing strategy to only hurt and harm his prospectus and also to turn upside down the democratic process and vitiate the whole process and place road blocks during the electioneering campaigns. It is up to the Congress to project its Prime Minister candidate which does not obligate the BJP to follow suit.
It is sickening to behold the media and its bias one agenda point day in and day out- focus on Modi.But perhaps its bias is going to boomerang. Modi has his own plus points and is accepted by the people .It will be for people to decide but the media is in its over zealous anti-Modi propaganda is actually helping Modi to garner greater good will.The more the media engages in Modi bashing the more good will it create for Modi because he is perceived as the victim bludgeoned and battered by the media.So I think Modi admirers must thank the media for its unsolicited help to burnish the image of Modi-a true patriot who at the age of 25 stood against Emergency and engaged in a hard struggle against it.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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