Hyderabad, June 15:/HANS

Speaking at a talk jointly organised by Pragana Bharti and Social Cause, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy mentioned the crises faced by India and claimed that India is mainly affected by terrorism. ‘Of all the terrorisms, Islamic terrorism is the most dangerous one.’ He claimed.

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy dubbed Dr. Manmohan Singh as the circus tiger and said that his ring master is Sonia Gandhi. He stressed the need to counter terrorism and suggested that to counter Islamic terrorism, the modus operandi of the terrorists should be adopted. Supporting the blossoming relationship of India with Israel and America he said that in 1991 when he was the union minister he had taken help of Israel for the release of Saifuddin Soz’s daughter.

He also said terrorism should be dealt with strongly. “You have to make a resolve that you will not negotiate with terrorists until they are ready to surrender. This is the fundamental decision you have to make. Retaliation should not be just killing terrorists. That’s not enough as new terrorists will come up. We have to find out their objectives and take a tough line. It needs willpower,” he said.“Retaliation is the only way to handle and root out terrorism from the country as they don’t understand any other language,” he noted.

Dr. Swamy suggested the country’s leadership to take a tough line, know the objectives of terror organisations trying to destabilise us and retaliate.

He told that the standpoint of the terrorists is that India is the unfinished chapter of Islamic history which remains to be made Darul Islam. He told that after reviewing the history of Iran, Iraq etc. it is proved that Muslims carry out religious conversion through power.

Criticizing the Muslims who oppose Common Civil Code, president Janata Party said Muslims living in America and Australia are ready to follow the laws there, but not in India.

“We have a leadership crisis today. We need a leadership which takes risk and that will happen only when you elect people properly…I expect the next president will be Abdul Kalam,” he said at a function here.“If the present crises are managed properly, no crisis will stare at the country for the next many years,” he felt.

He linked the spread of terrorism to corruption of our politicians as one of the major reasons.

“Those in power can’t take tough decisions as they keep their huge ill-gotten money in other countries through Dubai-based ‘hawala’ operations which are controlled by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI),” he said.

On corruption, Dr. Swamy said it could be stopped by cancelling all licences given for exploitation of mineral resources, utilising spectrum and others.

As a signatory to the 2005-UN resolution on black money, the country could nationalise bank accounts of Indians in 77 countries where secret banking was allowed to bring back Rs. 70 lakh crore kept there. By doing this, people could avoid paying taxes for 14 years, he said.

Asserting that a war with Pakistan was certain in future he predicted that along with Afghanistan it would be taken over by Taliban sooner than later and India should be ready to split Pakistan into four. Stating that change was on the way, Dr. Swamy noted that it could start with A.P.J. Abdul Kalam becoming President again.

He presented a  logic saying Dr. Kalam will become president in July, in August the government will face no confidence motion, in September the parliament will dissolve, in October new government will form through fresh elections and in November India will witness a revolution.

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