“Bush” A forgotten hero

Was he an evil? Was he a dictator? Was he a cruel, stubborn and less intelligent man?


Was he a man who has done a big favour on our world and humanity by starting a war against Islamic terrorism?

I was never so confuse about anything as much I used to be confuse about my thinking on bush. Should I consider him a great warrior or a cunning dictator who just simply hates Islam and loves oil?

Different kind of people had different opinions about Bush and their opinions always used to affect on my thinking. Someone used to say that Bush started this war for oil because Americans are greedy for oil. Someone used to say that because of the war which Bush initiated, many innocent people are dying every day and for that Bush is responsible and Bush is a murderer. Someone used to say that bush has created a china wall between Muslim and western world. These kinds of comments and daily news in international media which used to show the deaths and violence in Iraq and Afghanistan convinced me that Bush is cruel.

But there was one of my boss who changed my thinking and who made me realize that a coin always have two faces, we should never rely on one side reality and that before we make our final opinion about something, we must look at all the angles carefully. He said to me “I accept, that many people are dying in the war, but who is killing those innocent people? Not Bush. Muslims are killing Muslims. Muslims have become suicide bombers and killing their own people. Muslims have created their own world of Jihad”. He asked me that what Bush has done wrong, just only that he took action against the cruel Islamic terrorism, and why Bush should watch silently the deaths of Americans by the hands of Muslim Jihadists.

Honestly after that I reconsidered my opinions about Bush and I found that it is completely true that what Bush has done is a great favour on all of us. He dared to tie the bell on the terrorism cat. He is the first leader of history of our planet who bravely took clear actions against Islamic terrorism which started from Muhammad and since many centuries, every day, every month and every year, used to destroy the peace of our hearts.

I feel for the people, who are losing their beloved in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are really poor. I feel pity with them but we should not forget that many Americans and Europeans also have been passed through the same situation as their loving people were also snatched by Islamic terrorism. In my opinion we should say thanks to Bush for his great decisions which would be proved too bright for our world´s future. Even today the world is praising Obama for capturing Osama but according my heart, all the credit should go to the Bush because he is the person who started this war to make our world a better place for living.

Let´s give a standing ovation to Mr. Bush with many claps for his great job as a unique leader. Thank you very much Mr. Bush, We shall never forget you. You are a hero.


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