The words and deeds of our useful idiots are very misleading. For example it called for the removal of Modi as our next PRIME MINISTER, as if he is against the interests of Hindus and India. After 1947, the Nehru dynasty simply continued the pseudo secular colonial system in India. Nationalist leaders like Veer sarvarkar, Acharya J.B. Kriplani, Professor Ranga,Rajagopalachari, Jay Prakash Narayan, Subhash Chandra Bose several nationalist leaders were eclipsed or ousted from power. They simply continued Islamic appeasement and conversion mafia has been ruling India  and implemented anti national policies. Their whims and fancies made Indis a laughing stock of the world. We have gone through several national disasters. It was in fact not natural disasters, but man made calamities. The majority have been indoctrinated with meaningless slogans and became addicted to pseudo secularism, Jihadism, and meaningless and idiotic universalism.
Our tradition has been deconstructed or destroyed by the so called Nehru dynasty. They use code words and slogans like “Socialism is good” ” Islam is good” “Communism is good” and special privileges and rights were offered to anti national Jihadis and Converted Christians.
The anti national , pseudo secular Congress party made the majority into slaves, unable to think, act and literarily made them like zombies to serve criminal and corrupt politicians. They want the innocent subdued majority to serve the dynasty. The anti National party culture has indeed used to win power and control over the majority. The Nehru dynasty made the army, police, judiciary, bureaucracy inefficient, corrupt and indifferent to the plight of the common man. They used the Jihadi culture as a machine of violence, which provided a different kind of brutality-cultural brutality. The cultural vultures have destroyed our sacred temples, tinkered with our education, and ruined our economy. They were able to diminish the will of the majority and undermined the cohesiveness of Indian nationality.
Today, because of news and information flow, the majority Hindus are waking up and become assertive and active. The majority Hindus have determined to elect, retain powerful nationalist leaders. Modi was elected and retained as Gujarat Chief Minister. Even though, our anti national media is trying to keep the majority as ignorant of the essence of our traditional culture, Modi is successful in uniting the majority and Gujarat is a clear and convincing example that we can have nationalist policies for economic gain, stability progress and peace. This is sorrowful fact for our enemies. These miscreants do not realize that by opposing Modi they are endorsing and supporting the pseudo secular culture so that they can continue their corrupt practices and loot the wealth with out any restrictions.
It is time for the majority to replace the dynastic rule and fix Modi as the the next Prime Minister of India. Modi definitely can bring India great on our cultural basis , notably that “everyone is equal in the eyes of our vedic system” thus respects human nature and human choices. India will be a great nation militarily, socially, culturally and economically. India was robbed of our traditional culture, looted our wealth, destroyed our social fabric by the corrupt criminal culture of the Nehru Dynasty. The history of the Nehru Dynasty is written with lies and blood and the bloody history of the anti national congress party is both extremely tragic and rarely known.

Modi is unique, brave, and a nationalist leader who can take bold steps to revamp our economy and lead the nation to its glory. The majority Hindus need to know about Modi and the best place to find out his creative efforts and brilliant work is turn to Gujarat. We hope that those who are still deceived by the anti national force will now support sri Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India. Hindus, please embrace the new era, a new future under Modi.

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  1. Manav says:

    he is cant than no once else – this time for sure

  2. indianrj says:

    100% Agreed! But the media is trying to project him as if he has done some sin calling him names. Modi does not wear different masks for different communities and thus, become vulnerable. Modi is the BEST amongst all.

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