Today we Tomorrow you

Moderate Islam !!! There is nothing on earth called moderate Islam. There is only one Islam and that is the same cancerous cells on earth which expand its character as and when it gets a chance to attack the body and become deadly.

The more the Muslims the more the Islam as says Qur’an (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” The curtailment of freedom of speech and expression will follow.

Now Indian Sunni Muslims found a new variety of Jihad which is what is called “walking coffin looking Jihad”. Wow, In India poor kafirs lost the freedom to look Purdah clad “walking coffins”. You people of the west may astonish to hear this!!

As usual in history India contributed a lot of knowledge through its ancient science and wisdom to world now the same Indians are forced to enlighten the west about different types of modern days Jihads.

This new “not to look on walking coffin” Jihad was implemented and imposed by Dar ul Kadal, the sharia court of Kerala/India, the same entity which  asked its soldiers to chop off the hands and legs of Prof Joseph.

India is the world’s largest democracy and majority of non Muslim Indians thrive to upheld its democratic secular credentials and making India a paradise on earth for freedom lovers. However every democratic and secular institution where attacked by this cancerous cells called Sunni Islamic Jihadi terrorism.

I am here by bringing you an incident which occurred in Kayamkulam, a township in Kerala/ India.

Kayamkulam is a peace full township where people living with harmony for centuries however as usual the more Muslims population increased the Sunni Islamic Jihadi terrorism also increased with intolerant attitude and peace braking intentions. Here the Sunni Muslim Jihadis issued fatwa to kafirs not to look into any women who is a “walking coffin” If any kaffir look then they will be tried by Dar ul Kadal the sharia court.

On the fateful day one Mr. Bijith Vincent a student of animation who is a poor heart patient also stood in a bus stop to catch the bus to go to the hospital for heart ailments. Since it is a bus stop and while waiting for the bus this poor heart patient boy innocently looked to a pardah clad “walking coffin.” This has been noticed by a soldier of Allah and moral police of Dar ul Kadal and they swung into action. The video gave you exactly what happened to the poor heart patient boy.!

Today India’s biggest Sunni Islamic terrorist organization Muslim League’s leader E Ahmed who was also mastermind of numerous riots and bomb blasts across India is a minister of Federal government and Ikwanul Muslimin’s Indian offshoot SIMI’s advocate Salman Kurshid is another cabinet minister. Cases like this kind of  brutality taking place in India almost on a daily basis how ever due to these cancerous cell’s god fathers are in big power no such case ever came to its logical conclusions and culprits always walked away by using muscle power and petro dolor support.

The police are looking out for two Sunni Islamic terrorists and culprits in this video, one Ashique and Faisal. According to sources the poor heart patient boy is struggling for his life with multiple internal injuries.

The most unfortunate thing is that the embedded, cherry picking, selective, media Mafiosi of west who have correspondence and reporters across the nuke and corner of the world hiding facts like this from you for their up keeping and financial well being.

These cancerous cells from India may enter into west through your schools, colleges and universities and slowly infest your body and the end result will be amputation or fatal death like we are suffering. Today we Tomorrow you.

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