Muslims do not have capacity to bear the truth

In recent years we have been watching the Circus being played by the Muslims around the world on the issue of  Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. Western media dared to publish those cartoons for what they really deserve  praise and salutes from everyone who is in favour of “Freedom of Speech” and like to defend the truth. I  personally think that what they did was not simply publishing some cartoons but that was an act of showing the  hidden truth about Muhammad.

Muslims around the world got angry on those publications and protested, because they do not have capacity to bear the truth.

Muslims said that according to Islam it is prohibited to draw Prophet Muhammad. But my question is: Why Muslims didn’t protested or burnt the western embassies when in 2004 the animation movie “The Last Prophet” was released? The reason is that in that animation movie Muhammad was showed as a great holy prophet who sacrifices for his people and religion, but there was nothing mentioned about his sex stories, slaves, 11 marriages, child abuse, killing people and robbing. In short I would like to emphasize on the point that Muslims do not like if someone expose the dirty reality of Prophet Muhammad. They do not want to accept that Muhammad was not a prophet but was a Mafia who made people fool by declaring himself a prophet and spreading false messages of Allah.

Muslims all over the world rioted on the streets, burnt the western countries flags, killed some innocent people who supported the publications of those cartoons, and also burnt the European embassies. Before doing these kinds of stupid acts they forgot that always in difficult humanitarian or economical situation if someone helps them out, that is western world. Majority of Muslim countries are completely depending economically on Europe and USA. Muslim countries owe huge loans to EU and USA, and no doubt that without the help of western world the Islamic countries could have been bankrupted and their citizens could be fighting like animals for a bread piece. But Muslims do not think about all this because they were taught to not feel shame and continue the selfish senseless violence against the western world.

Why Muslims are permitted to hurt or insult other religions, but they do not allow anyone to even express his or her view about Islam or Muhammad? I must memorize to the Muslims that:

(1)    When Muslims destroyed the historical statue of Buddha in Afghanistan which was a big insult for Buddhist religion, then even not a single Muslim was killed by Buddhists as a revenge, and not any Islamic embassy was attacked or burnt in the countries like China or Japan.

(2)    When Muslims destroyed the Hindu temples in Pakistan, then not any Muslim was hurt in India by Hindus, not any mosque was attacked in India as revenge and there was not any violence against the Embassy of Pakistan in India.

(3)    When Muslims burnt churches in Indonesia and killed thousands of Christians, then not any single mosque or Indonesian Embassy was attacked in the Christian countries.

(4)    It’s a normal routine for the Muslims to be provoked on any small thing and burn bible, western flags and kill non Muslims, but the civilized western world never give them reply in the same way as we believe in humanity, freedom of speech and peace.

These are enough examples to prove that the Islam always has been a violent religion and its followers do not believe in Freedom of speech. With all my respect I would like to ask the Muslims that: what is wrong with those cartoons? Was Muhammad not a terrorist as shown in the cartoon? Was Muhammad not a women abuser as shown in the cartoon?

Getting married 11 times for his sexual satisfaction and having sex with a baby girl of six years, show that how wild he was about women, and if we talk about the terrorism then I don´t feel hesitate to say that the terrorism around the globe organized my Muslims is a gift from Muhammad to our world. The violent education which he left to the Muslims through Quran is a master degree in terrorism which teaches killing, hate and discrimination

I don’t know how to convince these blind faith Muslims that they are following a wrong path taught by Muhammad, but I believe that with the time we can help them to come out of this Islamic hoax. At last I would like to give my support to all the media who participated in exposing Muhammad. Good Job…..Bravo

IMRAN FIRASAT” (A Pakistani, Ex Muslim, residing in Spain with political refugee status)


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  1. choline says:

    I adored your wonderful article. good information. I hope you write many. I will continue reading

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