” It is through Hinduism alone that one can realise India’s unity, as a territory and as a civilisation.So many different provinces, which are, each one, large enough and different enough from one another to be separate nations. So many different languages, each one with its own evolution, its literature and its pride. So many different sceneries, and different climates, including both equatorial and polar. But, broadly speaking, one type of society, one common civilisation; the same festivities, the same sacred language, the same places of pilgrimage within the limits of the same great India.Several have said, nowadays, that it is the.”-SAVITRI DEVI

(This is a very nice blog by SATYAMITRA trying to awaken misguided Hindus by exposing Sai Baba—many many thanks to him.)

It is utterly illogical, foolish and superstitious to consider Sai Baba a God or incarnation. How a human being can become a Hindu God? All Hindu gods, goddesses and deities are imaginary (the so called puranic or vedic gods) because only the imaginary characters can have super-natural powers that a Hindu God or Goddess possesses. Only an illogical and irrational person can consider a human like Sai baba a God. At the most he may be treated as a Saint.

But, I hesitate to consider him (sai baba) even a Saint. This is because of his deep respect for Islamic principles and practices. Any rational and logical minded person should remember that
(i) Islam divides the world into believers (Muslims) and non-believers (kafirs).
(ii) Islam is more about politics and less about religion (spiritualism) because Islam divides the world into Darul-islam (the area ruled by Muslims as per sharia rules) and Darul-harem (area ruled by so called Kafirs).
(iii) Islam commands the Muslims to contribute to his/her best to make this entire world a Darul-islam by hook or by crook—by force, deception, cunningness, etc This is the real cause of Islamic terrorism and Jihad all over the world.
(iv) Islam commands the Muslims to completely surrender to imaginary Allah and its so called prophet Muhammad without any question/argument—that is, you must sacrifice your freedom of opinion, expression, action, etc and become a lifelong slave to Muhammad, his KORAN and imaginary Allah.
(v) Sharia rule commands for death penalty (or at least severe torture) for criticizing Islam, Allah, Muhammad, KORAN, Sharia, Hadith, Sira, etc.
(vi) Islam commands for severely torturing or even killing of apostates (Muslims who don’t show respect for Islam or converts to other religion).
(vii) Sharia rule allows multiple wives (up to four simultaneously) to Muslims males and quick divorce to any of his wives without assigning any reason for that—but Muslim ladies cannot demand divorce in a similar fashion—that is, ISLAM supports extreme gender discrimination to make Muslim ladies as slaves of their husbands and mullahs. Koran even allows beating wives in order to control them.
(viii) Islam suggests al-taqaiyah (means pretending, lies, deception, fraud, mischief, cunningness, etc) in order to promote Islam and dominate over the non-Muslims. All Muslims Sufis used to practice al-taqaiyah very well in order to convert Hindus to Islam and help Muslim rulers easily capture/control Hindu population. Islam supports many other nonsense, wild, illogical, inhumane, anti-women and barbaric rules as well as practices to make human beings as brain-dead wild creatures.

So, if any one respects Islam, Allah, Koran, Muhammad, etc, then he or she supports the above notorious rules of Islam. So, Sai baba cannot be regarded even a Saint as he used to chant Allah, stay in Mosque, read Koran, preferred being buried as Muslim after death, etc.

Sai baba’s support for Hindu-Muslim unity may be regarded as attempt to weaken Hindus.
Hindu-Muslim  unity is just one-sided concession to Muslims by Hindus. Under this nonsense concept, Hindus easily allow their sisters/daughters to marry Muslims and convert to Islam. Few male Hindus also convert to Islam to marry a Muslim girl. This has been weakening Hindus and strengthening Muslims. Whenever Hindu-Muslim marriage takes place, the Hindu girl or guy must convert to Islam or in some cases even if the Hindu Girl/guy don’t convert, their children would definitely become Muslims. Percentage of Muslim population has been skyrocketing in India and creating complete demographic unbalance due to (i) mass conversion of Hindu girls to Islam to marry Muslims –Hindus happily allowing this self-destruction under the illusion of Hindu-Muslim unity, solidarity, secularism, etc (ii) most Muslim ladies not adopting any birth control any producing so many children (iii) mass emigration of Bangladeshi Muslims to India with the support of vote-bank greedy Hindu politicians.

Fool Hindus would also happily allow Muslims to become PM of India, and chief of Military, Air-force, Navy, BSF, etc and ultimately complete rulers of India. Can you name any Hindu or non-Muslim PM, President, Head or Army, Air-force, etc in any Muslim country in the world? Will Indian Muslims openly tell that non-Muslims should be raised to these key-positions in Muslim countries—such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc where Hindus are in large numbers. They would never say—as they are Muslims first and always support Muslims only. They can’t even demand justice for Kashmiri Hindus.

If Hindus don’t awaken, then India will very soon be dominated and ruled by Muslims and all Hindus would rub their noses at the feet of Muslims. Hindus haven’t taken any lesson from their 800 years long slavery under Muslim-rule in India. Hindu politicians are too greedy/selfish and Hindu religious leaders appear to be idiots who are allowing all these to happen without any effort to prevent such degradation and decline of Hindu/Vedic/Sanatan dharma.

(Once again, SATYAMITRA–pls continue your efforts to save Hindus. I would keep supporting your efforts as far as possible.Thanks SATYAMITRA.

I have read comments of so called secular Hindus who are criticizing and cursing you. They are all ignorant people and need to be educated.
They must visit the websites)
http://www.inquiryintoislam.com/2010/06/gentle-jihad.html, http://www.faithfreedom.org/

Any logical minded and awakened person would not respect Islam and cannot love Muslims unconditionally. All so called secular people are completely ignorant. They are illogical person if they know the fact of Islam and still respect it. Sai baba appeared to be a follower of Islam while he also pretended to follow some Hindu practices just to fool the Hindus by his lies and deceptions. His or his devotee’s claim of being incarnation of Hindu god/goddess is a total nonsense. His so called miracles are just nonsense and superstitious stories. So, worshiping Sai baba, making his temple, etc is not good at all.

In fact, I am very much worried at the fast decline of Hindu/Sanatan Dharam. We are blindly following western culture of nakedness, unrestricted-sexual behavior, alcoholism, pub, ear-paining music, etc. Our Politicians, Media people, Intellectual class of Professors, Doctors, Industrialists, Writers,Social activist, etc keep giving undue favor and respect to Islam and Muslims in the name of secularism, social harmony, etc. Most of them even don’t like to listen logical facts about Islam and keep praising Islam blindly.

Muslims are becoming stronger and stronger in India politically due to increased population, their terrorism, policy of Muslim-brotherhood under which they consider themselves Muslim first and give preference to Muslims over non-Muslims.4.5% reservation to them in Govt jobs that would soon be extended 8 to 10% and also to reserved seats in parliament, state assemblies and reservation in Army, navy, etc.

Our religious leaders always preach to love every one–they say that all gods are same. But, they forget that Allah is a notorious and satanic God and extending love to the followers of Allah would be detrimental and self-destructive for Hindus or any non-Muslim of Europe/USA/Russia/Australia. I really feel highly appalled and disgusted when I see all our religious leaders telling to love Muslims without discrimination. They ignore or fail to understand the extremely evil consequences of Sharia law. They forget that extending love and fraternity to Muslims means allowing Hindu girls to become friendly with Muslims in schools, colleges, places of their work/job, in shootings of TV serials/films, etc and falling in their love-trap, insisting on marrying with their muslim boy-friends and ultimately joining the evil club of Muhammad/Allah by converting to Islam–All their future children would become Muslims.

Several thousand Hindu girls have been marrying Muslims and converting to Islam due to this liberal and self suicidal policy of Hindus. Sikhs/Buddhists/Jain/Parsi/Christians etc are as fools as Hindus are. They too easily allow their girls/ladies to marry Muslims and convert while 100% Muslims girls and ladies are kept under strict control not to become friendly with any non-Muslim and they all marry with Muslims only. They refuse birth control. Muslim males enjoy multiple wives with freedom of quick divorce. So, how can there be unity or love between Hindus and Muslims who are governed by totally different social rules–Muslims males enjoy total freedom in marriage/divorce/producing children while Hindus prefer to be highly disciplined with no gender-discrimination. Hindu girls are under full freedom in making friends. On the other hand, Muslim girls are under strict discipline.

We must awaken Hindus to strongly oppose marriage between Hindu and Muslim as it results in conversion of Hindus to Muslims and weakens Hindus.
Loving Muslim means you must allow them to occupy the posts of CM, PM, President, head of Army, Navy, etc –that would result in India becoming a Darul-islam in near future ruled by satanic rules of Sharia/Koran/Muhammad.

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  1. unusualgal says:

    This is the most ignorant and racist article I have ever read. Misinformed and discrimination against a peaceful, fast growing religion. Forget all the laws and regulations that a few Muslims in this world follow and how about you read the Quran and THEN judge us. Read the official hadiiths NOT the media or the communities that are practicing it the wrong way. And how dare you call Allah imaginary? If you don’t believe in Allah then don’t speak against Him because billions of people do believe in Him. So show some respect for other people’s beliefs.

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