Only few thousands Arab barbarians (Muhammad bin Kasim, Gajnabi, Ghori, Babur, Nadir shah, etc) came to India during 8th to 16th centuries. Our coward, shameless and fool ancestors allowed them to occupy our homeland, marry our ladies in large numbers producing millions of native Muslims, and convert our brothers/sisters by force and deception. It is utterly shameful and cowardice how easily Hindus allowed their sisters/daughters to marry the Muslim butchers like Akbar. However, we must be proud of our few ancestors like Maharana  Pratap, Chhatrapati ShivaJi, Guru Govind Singh, etc who fought against the Arab butchers/terrorists and proved that Hindus could always have remained the winner if they had determination to protect their freedom and dignity. Hindus lost because they didn’t feel shame in doing slavery to Muslims. India would have continued to be under the barbaric Muslim rules if the British had not come over here, defeat the brutal Muslim rulers and self-centered Hindu Kings, integrate India and establish modern and civilized rules of a democratic state.
We must sincerely thank the British for introducing democracy, modern administrative and judicial system, railways, postal system, industrialization, mining industries, construction of metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, etc. But on the contrary, it is utterly shocking that we teach our children in home, schools, universities, films, TV serials, etc to curse the British and praise the Muslim rulers. Why do Hindus make and watch films like JodhaAkbar to praise and glorify the terrorist Akbar? This film is the celebration of Hindu’s defeat and insult at the hands of Muslims.

Today, the total Muslim population of undivided India (means India 25 crores +Pakistan 18 crores +Bangladesh 15 crores) is about 60 crores (600 millions). That means, few thousand Arab looters became more than half a billion hardcore Muslims in Indian subcontinent. More than one fourth of India’s land got separated from it as Pakistan and Bangladesh to become pure Muslim states. If Hindus don’t wake up even now, then a large part of our present Hindu population would have to convert to Islam or become slaves of Muslims. India would also become a Muslim-ruled country and several more Muslims states(Kashmir, Assam, eastern part of present West Bengal, Kerala, Hyderabad, etc) would come out from present India.

“Hindus (also other non-Muslims such as Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, Parsi, Christians) must read the following educating article by Prof Radhasyam Brahmchari of Kolkata.
Why Muslims are so inclined to Seduce Rape and Marry non-Muslim “

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