Home of Allah with shadow of the dragon

There are hundreds of thousand fraud creations from Muhammad which he introduced and imposed forcefully on every Muslim’s life. Let´s talk about one of them:

MECCA (the home of Allah)

First Muhammad forced people to convert to Islam on the point of sword and then he did everything possible which could prove the superiority of his country (Saudi Arabia) and can make it financially much stronger. His dirty mind invented a new idea. He declared “Mecca” the home of Allah.

He ordered to all Muslims that “you all have to pray 5 times a day facing to Mecca”. I don´t see if any other religion like Christianity, Hinduism or Judaism ask their followers to pray facing to a particular city or building. That because pray is related from heart directly to the god. And something which is from heart has no connection with a particular time, place or thing. But by doing this Muhammad wanted to prove that his land is greatest and worshipable where the god exists.

Apart of that also ordered to all the Muslims that “doesn´t matter where you are in the world but once in a life every Muslim must visit Mecca” and that act calls “HAJ” which is an obligation for every Muslim according to Islam (Sorry, according to Muhammad). Doesn’t matter you have money or not. Doesn’t matter your children have enough food to eat or not but you all have to visit Mecca once in your life. By doing that he made sure more and more financial income to his country.CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE


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