The Paradox of Hinduism while fighting Islam

The more a Hindu become hinduized, he becomes more tolerant, relegating everything to fate, considering all misfortunes (attacks by others such as Muslims) as divinely ordained.

But the more a beast (Muslim) gets beastalized (Islamized), he becomes more cruel, more practical and oriented to killing kafirs, So how do you resole this paradox, So the question is do you Hinduize the Hindus or make them atheistic and practical – Sri Krsna is the only exception who practicalized Parth at Kurukshetra, (few other examples are those of Sage Vidyarnya with Harihara and Bukka and Swami Samartha Ramdas with Shivaji Maharaj) otherwise all Hindu saints make Hindus increasingly vulnerable. This is the Paradox of Hinduism while fighting Islam We have no answer on how Hindus will resolve this paradox.

What has defeated Islam so far and what can defeat it in future

The history of Islam tells us that he only contest which the Muslims lost was that between them and the Atheistic-Communists. This was so as it is only the Communists who have it in their outlook to force-fit the Communist outlook in the population, something which it shares with Islam, so when Islam came into conflict with Communism, and when communism had political power, it did not allow Islam to exist, as it also did not allow any other religion to exist. This way the Communist and Islamic outlooks complimented each other. Both the Muslims and the communists had zero tolerance of each other. In this context all other religious outlooks failed to counter Islam, as all of them differing levels of tolerance for other faiths, while Islam has none. So only that outlook can defeat and destroy Islam which has zero tolerance of Islam while its methods are more ruthless, cruel, pervasive , persistent and global than those of Islam. So far only communism has been such an outlook. Maybe in future there would a non-Communistic outlook which is as effective against Islam as Communism was

All this notwithstanding today’s alliance of the Communists with the Muslims is because both of them see in the USA a common enemy of Islam and Communism.

But ironically whenever the communists had power, they did not initiate a dialogue with any religion, they simply acted, by taking over the education system, closing down the places of worship, or severely circumscribing them, they sent religious (and other) dissidents to re-education centers, and the more committed of the dissidents to Concentration camps and the most incorrigible ones to the firing squad.

Ironically it has been the polity associated with Communism that has proved to be the only one that has destroyed Islam, although the destruction was unfortunately not complete.

Interestingly, it is the ruthless (communistic) attitude in global state policy (after the War on Terror destroys some religions and weakens all others) that will complete this unfinished task of destroying all religion. Communism in the 20th century was a false start for atheism. Now in the 21st century, the real start for atheism (minus the economic ideology of communism) will come, which will sound the death knell of all religions.

An example of this is the policy of Islam Karimov, the President of Uzbekistan to literally boil the terrorists of the HUT (Hizb-ut-Taharir) and strike terror in the hearts of the terrorist that they dare not mess around in Uzbekistan. This is the right attitude towards the Muslims.

But communists like Karimov are very few these days. Many of the comrades across the globe, are merrily sleeping around with the Muslims in the fond hope that the mongrel offspring of this partnership will be a communist. All across the globe it is the communists who create a rumpus at the no-war rallies, the anti-globalization mayhem every time the G8 meet.

It is these fifth columnists commies who are the bosom pals of the Muslims. In India, the communists have been at the forefront at white-washing the record of Muslim tyranny in India. The shameless or rather shameful Romila Thapar and her ilk are busy in painting the Muslim interlude of savagery in India as a glorious period of Indian History. It is such creepy ideologues like Romila and her tribe at the JNU (Jawarharlal Nehru University) and other campuses which the commies have infiltrated where they spread the canard about the poor lower castes who they say converted to Islam to save themselves from Hindu tyranny. The commies who are the bosom pals of the Muslims should be purged from all the universities, the media, from political and all aspects of public life. We need communists like Islam Karimov, not ones like Pranoy Roy, the owner of NDTV, the communist TV channel, or N.Ram, the editor of Hindu, the pro-anarchist communist newssheet in India, or Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib two of those communist specimen who infest Indian universities; or the scum (socially challenged urban morons) of all of them – the likes of Sitaram Yechury, Somnath Chatterjee – both of whom lead rumps of the two communist outfits in India. Romila and her tribe should be banished to the concentration camps in the true communist tradition to be re-educated, and if they do not fall in line then to be purged mercilessly again in the true communist tradition of Gulags.

In India, the Communists and Muslims spread canards alleging that the lower and poor Hindu castes converted to Islam to save themselves from Hindu tyranny.

Many Muslims and their communist friends claim that it was the productive castes of the Shudras who converted to Islam to escape the tyranny of the upper caste Hindus. Yes tyranny did exist in caste ridden India, but that has nothing remotely to do with conversion to Islam at the pain of death. The moot question is, what if India had been peopled only by Shudras (Dalits) when the Muslims invaded? How would that Completely Shudra Bharat, have fared vis-à-vis the Muslims??”


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