My reactions to the two articles on the President

My reactions to the articles on President Pratibha Patil
This month I received two articles on Pratibha Patil and her tenure as president. These were not only factual but revealed a sordid state of affairs .w.w.w..Sandeep web .com titled the article ‘Shame on you Madam. The fact is it should have been in the plural because there is more than one Madam involved for this state of affairs. The second article –on open letter addressed to the President (author name not given) contoured other dimensions of the President’s affairs. To me these two articles showed how low we have fallen and how hurt we Indians are to have a person in the name of Pratibha Patel thrust down our throats as a President. What have we done to be so shabbily treated? These two madams will go down in Indian history as having harmed and fleeced the nation more than the foreign invaders had
Does India-this great nation not deserve a better candidate as President than Partibha Devising Patel? Should all these postings from top to bottom be distributed by St Manio as though she brought these as part of her Italian dowry? We the people have a say and we have a democracy which Mrs Sonia Gandhi has thrown out, shredded and fabricated into an unrecognizable dynasty polity. With no governance but only a supreme power which she holds. It is a pity that the millions of Indians are tolerating this power centre- this abuse and misuse of power. After all, Mrs Sonia Gandhi is just the president of a political party (and we know how and why she became the President of the Congress party) and an MP. The fact that she occupies No 10 Janpath itself is a travesty of justice. She should be allotted an MP’s bungalow and nothing more. All the assets-the moveable and the immoveable assets belong to the people of India.So what claim has she to No 10 Janpath? It this unjust claim and unjust occupancy that is an exteriority of an unjust power centre. This enables her to distribute assets and positions at her whims and fancies. This must stop .This is a prelude to the present President’s occupancy and kind of life style. This is because of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and hence ‘shame on you madam must be first directed against her.
Never in India’s history had we such a person as Pratibha Patel a president who was least worthy of the chair. Her record of performance/rather non performance is there to testify. Yet she had no qualms to straight away hike her salary 300 times. This when she is fully aware of the discussion on fixing the Poverty line at 32 Rs per day. What justification is there when millions are below the PL for her to hike her salary300 times. Is the 22.3 crores not sufficient for her that she had to go in for a salary hike?.Is she sweating it out-What is her performance record? This mind you when the PL is at Rs 32.No single person with some sort of a conscience would give herself such a hefty salary hike.
We are morons watching all this and more. What rationale is there for her to go an a spending spree holidaying in resorts and in any fanciful place she wishes when people are slogging-sweating and yet find no solace to sit back and have a rest? Why had she to tax us a whopping 106 crores for her foreign trips? Is it not sinful? Why had she to race towards breaking the record of all the previous Presidents in this area? What did she achieve?
Why had she to occupy Rashtrapati Bhavan with her extended family? Why was it renovated at the cost of the tax payers’ money by a few crores. All this comes easily to her because she has no conscience. Yes I repeat she has no conscience. One with a conscience would think twice and would not misuse the Presidency and abuse it this way .It does not matter whether she was a good cook or not and it does not matter if she was the kitchen maid for Indira Gandhi.But if this is her only qualification then it matters. If her only credit score is that she was a faithful server of Mrs Sonia and the family then it must hurt us for being so grievously sinned against.
But all this again simmers down when one thinks of her callousness in grabbing the Defence land of 2,61,000 square feet allotted to build houses for the armed forces .One would think that she as the chief of the Armed forced would be delighted to at least perform this one single task and see that the poor jawans guarding her and the country would have decent houses .No she had to snatch that too because she was living by the pavements before she became the President and now after her presidency is over the poor woman has to go back to the pavements. Is that not an insult to the people of India hence she wanted a palatial bungalow with over 2 lakh square feet fortified for her use. After all no one would grudge her a modest bungalow but not this avarice in grabbing defense land at the cost of the jawans who have no say. Is this the way we treat them- reward them?
All this goes to show that Pratibha Patel was most ill suited to occupy the chair of the President. She was like a spoilt brat let loose in Disney land running hither and thither wanting to go down to bottom of the sea and fly high above in the most modern/sophisticated jet. She was using her power just to satiate her selfish, childish desires. Unmindful of the cost and unmindful of the sacred post she holds.
Did she pause one moment and realize that she has to reflect the India that she represents? This is an aspect of her personality that will reveal a most selfish-vested interest person. She as a woman did not have an iota of empathy to the millions of women of this country. She as woman did not feel the sensitivity of hunger-starvation, lack of basic needs, orphans and cripples that crowd our streets highways and byways. She did not have the least qualm to spent money on her vanity and grandeur at the cost of these dumb people-voiceless and powerless. This is the sinfulness of her person. It is a shame that we had her as a president. And the basic cause for this is Mrs Sonia Gandhi and hence I dare to say shame on her for treating the India citizens this way and shame on Pratibha Patil for misusing the position. This is a breach of trust-a travesty of justice and a betrayal of the nation-Will the two madams then not be called upon to account for these sins against the nation ?
Cry my beloved country.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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  1. pramod malhotra says:

    This shall continue till self serving, feet- lickers throng Congress party. Nobody other than a Congress leader’s revolt can save the nation from clutches of Italian Mafia.

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