Feel Shame to be a Muslim

Let me die please, Let me die. Not because I have any serious incurable decease or I am tired of living this life, but the reason why I want to die is “I feel shame to be a Muslim” it gives me a lot of shame when there is any news of terrorism attacks by Muslims around the world.

Even I am not a terrorist but as being a Muslim I feel myself the responsible for those thousands of innocent people who were killed by my Muslim community. When I mention my Muslim name somewhere , I feel like everyone is looking at me with suspicious eyes and imagining that I am a suicide bomber and I will just ruin this place and their lives by blasting them. I don’t blame them for the opinion they keep about Muslims. They have more than enough strong reasons to think like that about Muslims. But my question is that what is my fault and why should I be discriminated and hated?

Sometimes I ask myself that why was I born in a Muslim family? How lucky I could be if I was born in a Christian family, and because of great Christianity I could have been respected by people. I never liked Islam but I was always forced to follow Islam and being a Muslim. Islam hasn´t given anything to me or to this world except “Hate, Insult, Killings, Bombs and Violence”. The Muslims are killing innocent people around the world and that makes hide my face by shame.

I kindly request to God that if I have to be born again then please make me born in Christianity, because it´s better to die than being born as a Muslim, I can´t take the burden of being Muslim in another life.

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