Petition to ban the Quran admitted by Spanish Parliament

Dear friends

This is Imran Firasat (A Pakistani ex Muslim residing in Spain). I hope you still remember me. I am the one who some weeks ago lodged a formal petition to the Spanish government for prohibition of Quran in Spain. Today I get back to you again with the fantastic news that my petition in the parliament of Spain has been admitted successfully and it has been sent to the next level.

When I lodged the petition, many Muslims sent me the messages calling me stupid and commented that the Government of Spain is not going to entertain your petition and that they will tear and throw your petition.

Well, the good news is that I have received a letter from the Parliament of Spain, in which they informed me that they have admitted my petition and sent to the “Constitutional Commission” of the Parliament.

Even though it is still not a formal prohibition of Quran but still it is a big success for us. At least the fight against the violent Quran is at the next level. Actually I was suspecting that the Spanish government will never reply my petition or they may ignore it because of not wanting to have conflict with Muslims. But salutes and ovations to the Spanish parliament that they took this matter seriously, Admitted the petition and sent it to the “Constitutional Commission”.

It is an encouraging news for all of us who want to get rid of Quran, Islam, Muhammad and Sharia. And it is also an example for the world that nothing is out of reach, if we do an intelligent and hard fight. The admission of my petition in Parliament encourages and insists me to do much more against the spreading Islamism. That is why soon I am going to lodge more petitions in Spanish Supreme Court and European tribunal. Let´s have a face to face fight with Muhammad (The self claimed fake prophet).

Dear friends, please help me to spread this news everywhere you can for encouraging to people all over the world that if they also take same kind of actions, then for sure someday we can have an Islam free world.

In this article I attach the scanning of the letter which I have received from the Spanish Parliament. Apart of that here I send you some links of Spanish newspapers and International sites which have published this good news a few days ago:


La Comisión Constitucional del Congreso estudiará la petición de Imran Firasat de prohibir el Corán en España

Petition to Ban the Quran was Admitted by Spanish Parliament

Spanish Parliament Accepts Pakistani Ex-Muslim’s Petition to Ban the Quran for Consideration

El Congreso estudiará prohibir el Corán en España


Thank you very much for supporting me
Imran Firasat (Madrid – Spain)
World without Islam

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  1. Hindus are asleep with eyes wide open and ears alert for the last 1200 years at least. It is Spain where the petition could be accepted because it repulsed Islam in the past very forcefully. Forty percent of Spain had becme Muslim but a determined bid by the Church there reclaimed their people. But Hindus are busy with their caste and their colour and regionalism. They do not like to talk to people or dine with people who do not belong to their caste or status. Even those who profess to be pro-Hindu have no respect of Hindus of other castes than their own. They promote their own caste-men in politics, media, business, jobs in govt. or private sector. Where is HIndu unity to bring about a ray of hope? You may try to awaken the Hindus who are fast asleep with eyes wide open, ears alert but caste binds them down to a frightening future like their past.

    • hinduawaken says:

      Pasted from “Negation in India” by Keonraad Elst.
      In 1985 Chandmal Chopra filed a petition with the Calcutta high Court, asking for a ban on the Quran. He added a list with reprehensible verses from the Quran: 29 passages from the Quran (1 to 8 verses in length) that incite violence against unbelievers, 15 which promote enmity, 26 which insult other religions.

      Some typical examples are: “Mohammed in Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are merciless for the unbelievers but kind to each other.” (Q.48:29) “Make war on them until idolatry does not exist any longer and Allah’s religion reigns universally.” (Q.8:39, also 2:193) “We break with you; hatred and enmity will reign bnetween us until ye believe in Allahh alone.” (Q. 60.4) “The Jews and Christians and the Pagans will burn forever in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.” (Q.98:51) There are dozens of Quran verses like this which in their unanimity cannot be dismissed as “isolated, mistranslated” little accidents “quoted out of context”.

      Chandmal Chopra stated in his writ petition: “The cited passages in the Quran… arouse in Muslims the worst sectarian passions and religious fanaticism, which has manifested itself in murders, massacres, plunder, arson, rape and destruction or desecration of sacred places both in historical and in the contemporary period, not only in India but in large parts of the world.”

      The petition created a lot of furore in Calcutta and abroad. Muslims created street riots. The government intervened and put heavy pressure on the judicial process.
      End of paste

      …. Enough of appeasement. History has shown that appeseasement of muslims is suicidal. Europeans are learning the hard way.
      ( Book “Calcutta Quran Petition” can be read on

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