As a native of beautiful Kerala, in Bharat and as a Hindu, it pains me that Kerala is fast becoming a Hindu minority state. collapsing Birth rates of Hindus in Kerala, coupled with Coercive religious conversion, Love Jihad, Christian, and Muslims political and economic domination and Marxist misdirection, and Hindu indifference, are set to cause cataclysmic shifts in power in Kerala.
 The recent (2010) Population Census reports that Hindus in beautiful Kerala is only 56.4 percent of the population. Population explosion of Muslims and Christians coupled with religious conversion, secularism and Marxism will result in future decay of our beautiful Kerala and decline of Hindu civilization. Kerala, the land of Sri Parasurama, Swami Sankracharya and Swami Sri Narayana Guru will become a Muslim Christian state with in a Nation. Kerala will soon become another Kashmir in the south.  Hindu butchering will begin shortly and Hindu civilization and culture will vanish from the Lands End of Bharat. Marxism, pseudo secularism, excessive consumerism, Islamism, and alien Christian ideology has now become dominant mode systematically demolishing Hindu ethos, moral values, our history and Hindu heritage.
Jihadi, Christian, secular and Marxist dominance in Kerala and the death of Hindutva will have terrifying implications for Hindu freedom, our faith, civilization and culture.
During my recent trip to Kerala, again and again, I heard the lament from several Kerala Hindus “We are losing the country”. “We are not in the same country we grew up in”. In Spite of this calamity and danger, and awful events, I have not seen any Hindu unity, organizational purpose.   Hindu caste organizations are fighting each other.  Caste Hindus are still stumbling its ways to their own definition of Hindutva and political power.  It seems that they have integrated the debate and chosen to surrender Hindu national interests to Muslim, Christian and anti National Marxists politicians for few bread crumbs.
The Media (Print and TV), mostly are concerned with Hajj Subsidy, Muslim and Christian privileges, quota system, tolerance, meaningless universalism, and absurd secularism. Corruption, violence, Pakistan printed currency distribution, love Jihad, coercive religious conversion, murder, alcoholism, drug addiction, dangerous consumerism are not part of the agenda for so called media and intellectuals. Blood sucking secularists, alienated anti national intellectuals, Marxists, Christians and Muslims are interested only in political power, amassing wealth and land grab. Since 1947, Education Ministry in Kerala was either in the hands of Christians and Muslims. 95 percent of colleges, schools including professional colleges are in the hands of either Muslims or Christians in Kerala. The political power, economy, and land are in the hands of these anti Hindu forces in Kerala. The phony secularists and Marxists are sucking the substance out of the promise Kerala holds for Hindus.
No states in Bharat have gone through a demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time. Unorganized Hindus feel threatened and organized and militant Christians, Muslims and Marxists have made an unholy alliance to make Kerala into a conglomeration of people with almost nothing in common, not history, heroes, spiritual masters, culture, philosophy, or ancestors. The ideal of pluralism, spiritualism, coexistence, tolerance and universalism had disintegrated. Soon the great country of Kerala will break apart.
Thousands of Hindus have begun to feel like strangers in their own land. They see Hindu holidays disappear and our Gods and old Heroes degraded. Art and artifacts are removed and replaced with ugly, meaningless and imported from Arabia and the Christian west. The moral code, cultural ethos, ethics and philosophy and beliefs that Hindus have held for generations had been overthrown.
In too many ways Kerala is no longer a beautiful, lovely, good or a great state. Let me quote Euripides “There is no greater sorrow on earth, than one’s own native land”.
Crime, violence, corruption, bureau pathology, mass murder, burglary, purse snatching, drug abuse and alcoholism are visible all over Kerala.  The number of Jihadi terrorist acts and terrorist organizations is growing in Kerala. Crime, violence, political-religious murder, contract killing pose a critical challenge to citizen’s security and safety. While pseudo secularists and anti Hindu politicians are busy cooking up bogus theories and the root cause of anti Hindu terrorism, crime, violence and other social deviance. Political parties are not interested in addressing the real cause of cultural destruction, crime, violence and religious conversion.
Foreign supported and Pakistan inspired NGOs and Maoists are on a rampage and they continue destroying our sacred heritage and Hindu culture through violence, daily bombing, assassination and creating social crisis. Gullible, passive, tolerant Hindus have shown little imagination, creativity, vision, foresight or political activism in addressing the root cause of our cultural destruction.
Hindus in Kerala have been disposed by Muslims and Christians with the active support of anti National Marxists and pseudo secularists. Their belief, culture, and life style are alien to Kerala. But they were able to capture economic, political, educational and social power in Kerala and impose their agenda by diktat.
In Kerala, Islamists and Christians are apparently exploiting the social/political and cultural turmoil in Kerala and they benefit enormously from the political indifference and passivity of Hindus. It is a worrying trend. With the Islamization and Christianization of Kerala has come the over thrown of our old moral order and Hindu teachings and the establishment of alien practices.
As a visitor, I am convinced; soon Hindus will be slaughtered in Kerala like Muslims have done during Tipu’s invasion and Malabar Mappila Lahala Islamic Jihad). It is time for Hindus in Kerala to form a unified front and fight for political dominance. We cannot overlook the fact that the Hindu social leaders like Mannathu Padmanabhan, R.Shankar, Kelappaji were able to come up a strong political, cultural, social movement with enlightened vision. The slogans they have developed were for Hindu unity, reclamation of our temples, democracy, freedom and rights for Hindus. RSS, VHP and Hindu Ayikka Vedi are doing their best in organizing and high lightening Hindu issues. But, despite their efforts, Today, Hindus are disorganized but their religious interest is not in wane. Hindus are in need of a new type of active and assertive movement to capture political and economic power that is best suited for to deal with issues.  
Kerala, God’s own country is a beautiful country. It is worth fighting for and the last hope for Hindus in Bharat. We must never stop taking Kerala back.



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  1. pramod malhotra says:

    Hindus as always in the past are to be responsible because of themselves berating their own religion, voting for Congress and left parties, and not remaining united as a religion. Whatever the drawbacks in our religion can be an excuse to alienate from Hinduism. Islam is still more backward and intolerant within different sects within. In addition they have taken all the bad things from Hinduism as they are the progeny of Hindu parentage. Islam has become more dogmatic because of the crushing influence of terrorists, where as Hinduism has got rid of many ills of past. This can not be digested by Islamists or their sympathisers namely pseudo-secularist political parties or their crony paid journalists. As such they have ganged up to malign the forces strengthening Hinduism.

  2. Hindus were skinned alive in the wake of the Khilafat Movement in 1920.It was started becoz the Khalifa had been deposed after the defeat of Turkey in World War in 1919. But even then Gandhi wanted unity to drive out British.

  3. rangu says:

    ita real time to wake up for all hindus …otherwise india became amother muslim country,…..its really sad for us that we struggling to show our strength. we should come with unity…jai bharat

  4. pratik says:

    Really the changes in kerla are alarming. There is a need for a strong anti-conversion law. To bring back the glory of our “sanatan dharma” a pro-hindutva government is needed. Till then hindus in kerla must be united and fight the anti-hindu forces and all efforts must be made to preserve and protect our dharma.

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